General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Spencer will progressively lose control. The boy has no limits and no sense of responsibility. He lives with his grandmother, who is unable to educate him and punish him. Often Spencer goes away from school and becomes really capricious and insolent. No one stops him, making the situation worse. According to news of Celebrity Laundry, Nikolas could return to give Spencer a guide and prevent him from getting into trouble. The two actors who could play him are Nick Stabile or Tyler Christopher, perfect for this delicate and difficult role.

Are soap fans really going to witness this twist?

General Hospital: it could go bad for Spencer

General Hospital spoilers reveal that we will return to talk about Spencer Cassadine. The boy grew up with his grandmother without the support of his parents. The absence of a safe and present guide has changed him deeply, making him become irresponsible. Spencer is immature and unable to look after himself and could get into big trouble. For these reasons, he absolutely needs his father back and to make him understand what is right and what is not. Besides, Laura doesn't have time to keep Spencer under control. In addition to maintaining her commitment as mayor of Port Charles, she is fighting to arrest Ryan.

As if that weren't enough, her love situation is not good and her marriage doesn't seem to be strong enough. The complicated situation is not conducive to Spencer, who is only facing his problems and insecurities. For his part, Spencer doesn't go to school and just protests to satisfy his whims. The boy travels a lot and his parents can't keep him under control.

As if that were not enough, he is never punished for his intemperance. Spencer doesn't have a guide and he really risks getting himself into big trouble.

Spencer has no supervision

This isn't the first time Spencer's been making trouble. He doesn't seem to want to grow up and take responsibility. He just follows his instincts and doesn't seem to be aware of his actions.

Other interesting General Hospital spoilers reveal that the 'bad boy' will soon lose control and will absolutely need someone to take care of him. In this regard, it seems that Charles Nikolas will return to Port Charles. Spencer's grandmother is unable to take care of him and could be a negative presence during his growth. Who will take Nicholas' face? According to news of Celebrity Laundry, the two most accredited actors would be Nick Stabile or Tyler Christopher. What will happen? We just have to follow the next General Hospital (GH) spoilers and find out if Nikolas will be back in the cast. Stay tuned.