A few months ago on "The Young and the Restless," girl power ruled in Genoa City, when Lauren, Kerry, and Phyllis took over Jabot. Viewers knew it would not last and that the Abbott's would eventually regain control of their family legacy. Last week, Ms. Johnson left town, as Ms. Summers was voted out of her CEO position. Ms. Fenmore is now fighting to save her company. Spoiler alerts are reporting that by the end of the week, Phyllis will attempt to blackmail Kyle, but it will backfire in her face. Lauren may resort to using dirty tactics in order to break Fenmore's contract with Jabot.

Phyllis fights dirty

Phyllis had a chat with Lola, after seeing the looks that passed between Ms. Rosales and her son-in-law. She then took Summer out of town for a girls getaway and hired someone to tale Kyle. Soap Dirt reported that Kola would hookup in a hotel room and Phyllis would use the information to her advantage. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that nothing happens between Kyle and Lola, so the blackmail scheme will fall apart.

Phyllis is now unemployed and wants to become a partner with Lauren at Fenmore's. She asked Jack to release her friend from her Jabot contract, but he refused. If indeed she had plans to manipulate Kyle into talking to his father, CDL states that her plan won't work.

She will have no leverage if her son-in-law does not sleep with Lola, and will be unable to save Summer from the heartbreak of a cheating husband and loveless marriage. Phyllis will get down and dirty if she has to and will come up with another plan. Ms. Fenmore, on the other hand, does not resort to schemes, but spoilers say that now she will.

Lauren becomes desperate

When Phyllis hired Lauren and Kerry to work with her, they were pretty confident of success. They were also nasty to the Abbott men. Their girl power, however, lasted only as long as Mal Young was head writer. Josh Griffith took over and squashed this storyline very quickly. Jack is back in charge of Jabot, and now Fenmore's is on the line.

Ashley planted a bug in the Abbott home and stole the idea that Billy, Kyle, and Jack were going to use to get the company back on track. Lauren, however, does not want to go down with Jabot if they cannot turn things around. There are also casting rumors about a replacement actor.

CDL states that on Friday (April 12), Lauren will become fierce in her fight to free her company from the clutches of Jabot. The spoiler teases that she may become so desperate that she fights just as down and dirty as her friend Phyllis. No details have been given regarding the exact plan, but if these two scorned women put their heads together, there is no telling what will happen in Genoa City. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to give updates on the schemes of Lauren and Phyllis. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.