"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Kristina's missing. Soap fans are focused on the complicated and dangerous situation of the DoD. Many characters are involved and we don't know what consequences Shiloh's dark plan will have, ready to ruin anyone who gets in the way of her goals. Kristina disappeared into thin air just before attending her sect initiation ceremony. The tension is sky-high and the future of the young girl is uncertain. Meanwhile, Michael is determined to take back his life and will strive for it. The last spoilers of General Hospital tell us that there will be a sensational twist.

Sonny will lose his mind and risk his life to save Kristina. He will be at the DoD on the day of his initiation and will prevent the ritual from being celebrated. Harmony will notify Shiloh that Kristina has disappeared shortly before the initiation ritual. Shiloh will be furious and swear to take revenge. Anyone who has dared to get in the way of her plans will pay very dearly. It's not hard to imagine that Jason and Sam will be in great danger

Kristina desperately sought out

In the next episodes of "General Hospital." Sam will help Sonny save Kristina. Sam is the only person who knows where his sister is hiding. That's why she could turn the storyline around. Sam, for her part, is not living an easy moment.

Her sister is in danger and in the hands of a sect and, to make matters worse, he is fighting for a normal life with his family. Michael and Chase met and this is a positive sign. Meanwhile, Harmony will call a mysterious person on the phone and, according to GH's spoilers, it could be Shiloh himself. Kristina's friend and mentor are worried about her and don't know where she might be.

What happened to her? Harmony will ask Shiloh for help, telling him about the girl's latest movements. Has Kristina been kidnapped or has she escaped from the sect?

Shiloh is ready for revenge in the next GH episodes

"General Hospital" spoilers say that after Harmony's phone call, Shiloh will panic. Kristina doesn't know what kind of trouble she's in.

If he finds out where she is, it's a drama. If she has been kidnapped, the consequences will be borne by those responsible. The second hypothesis is the exact one, as we can imagine. Sam and Jason took Kristina away. Shiloh will understand that the girl has not left of her own free will and will promise Harmony and the rest of the sect that anyone who has obstructed her plan will be destroyed. Her intentions are not good, as is her desire for revenge. What will Shiloh do now? We'll know with the next "GH" spoilers, who will soon reveal the truth about Kristina's disappearance.