''General Hospital'' spoilers reveal important details regarding Oscar's cancer. The boy has been admitted and his unfortunate fate is marked. His parents are destroyed by the pain but they hope to be able to give him one last goodbye. Meanwhile, the doctors have informed them of the possibility of doing palliative care, so as to give some relief to their son. However, they both know that this is a temporary solution and that their child will not be with them for long. On the other hand, the brave Oscar seems not to give up and faces the serious illness with a smile, eager not to give further suffering to his parents.

Spoilers of General Hospital, unfortunately, do not bring happy news, since in all probability Oscar will not be saved.

Oscar's in a grim state in 'General Hospital'

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Oscar is terminally ill with cancer. The unfortunate boy is in a hospital bed surrounded by his loved ones. Joss, Kim, and Drew know that he won't be saved, but they hope to gain some more time to be with him. Oscar's parents are desperate as they are aware that they will soon have to give their son their final goodbye. ''General Hospital'' spoilers say that Oscar will wake up from a coma but his health will not be good at all. The consequences of the surgery will be dramatic, as he may no longer walk or may suffer irreversible brain damage.

Dr. Terry has informed the boy's parents about this, throwing them into total discouragement. However, what they care about is spending as much time as possible with him. In the episode of ''GH'' that we will see on April 17, Olivia will prepare everything needed to welcome Oscar to the palliative care ward. Most likely, she will take care of the boy.

Olivia has always been a woman who loves to help others and the task of making the last days of Oscar less difficult will give her some hope. Of course, it will not be easy to live with the knowledge that a boy so young will soon die.

Towards the death of Oscar in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

''General Hospital'' latest spoilers reveal that Josslyn won't be able to stand the idea of losing Oscar.

They can't stand the idea of leaving him forever and at the same time can't do anything against the cruel fate. In the next episodes of ''GH'' on air on ABC, fans will witness heartrending scenes about the last moments of Oscar's life, surrounded by the affection of Joss, Kim, and Drew.

Without a doubt, the words that will be exchanged will move the viewers of the soap opera. This time, the storyline doesn't seem to have any room for change unless a miracle or something really unexpected happens. Kim, Drew, and Joss can only hope that Oscar doesn't suffer too much and that he will find peace after so much suffering. For more news and updates, don't miss the next exciting ''General Hospital'' spoilers.