News about "The Young and the Restless" reveals that Noemi Gonzalez has confirmed her exit from the CBS daytime drama. On Sunday (April 7), the actress went on Twitter to let her fans know that Mia's days in Genoa City are numbered. Once Mal Young was fired and Josh Griffin took over, viewers suspected it was only a matter of time before some or all of the Rosales family would get written out of the show. Jason Canela, who portrays Arturo, announced in March that his contract was not being renewed. So, only Lola and Rey remain at this point. Nothing has been announced about their fates.

Noemi Gonzalez confirms 'Y&R' exit

According to a video from The Daily News, Noemi Gonzalez told her followers about her departure on social media. She announced on Twitter that Mia was leaving Genoa City and Celeb Dirty Laundry has confirmed she is leaving the show. The Rosales family was written into the CBS soap by former head writer, Mal Young, but it was at the expense of veteran actors like Paul Williams. This caused an outcry from loyal viewers, some of whom demanded that Young be fired. He was.

The Rosales family was placed on the screen on a daily basis and in almost every scene. Had they been integrated into Genoa City life in a different manner, perhaps Arturo and Mia would not have been written out.

Mal Young seemed to be forcing this new family on viewers and kicking longtime veterans of the show to the curb. The new "Y&R" head writer, Josh Griffith, is taking steps to reverse the damage, and sadly, Noemi Gonzalez is one of the casualties. Along those lines, Billy and Victoria have important storylines coming up.

Mia was force to be reckoned with

Mia was a force to be reckoned with on "The Young and the Restless." She was a powerful combination of femme fatale, jealous lover, and take no prisoners, scratch and claw your way to the top businesswoman, all rolled into one. She came from the wrong side of the tracks and yet held her own with the Genoa City elite.

Spoiler alerts have not revealed how and why Mia will leave town, but there are two specific issues that need to be dealt with before her departure.

Mia may be brought to justice for attacking Lola and leaving her unconscious. Rey may turn his sister-in-law in to the authorities. There is also the issue of the baby she is carrying. Should it turn out to be Arturo's, Rey may ask them both to leave Genoa City, never to return, in exchange for not telling anyone that she is the one who hurt his sister. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this storyline and best of luck to Noemi Gonzalez in her future endeavors. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET.