''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers amaze fans. Ryan is still far from Port Charles, but in his hideout, he could communicate with the outside world via social media and newspapers. Ava is determined to destroy him but, before facing him for the last time, it is necessary that he arrives in the city. How will Ava do it? His plan is to make him jealous so that he can return to the city. Most likely, he will use Scott or Peter. Franco could never help her, as he is happily married and still angry with her for all the evil he has suffered in the past.

However, the soap opera's spoilers ensure that Ava will manage to destroy Ryan and that the storyline will take a dramatic turn.

'General Hospital': Ryan's return is near

''General Hospital'' (GH) latest spoilers tell that Ava will be back starring in the next installments of the soap opera. Ava will phone Scott to inform him of her latest traps. Her revenge has not yet been completed, but it's not far away. Ava wants to destroy Ryan definitively and will do so very soon. Her dark plan is to make Ryan jealous and get him back to the city. When he's in Port Charles, he'll get the chance to finish him off. Ava could use Scott to achieve his goal. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it is not excluded that Ava will approach Franco.

However, this hypothesis is somewhat unlikely because he is married to Elizabeth and would never betray his wife. Let's not forget that Ava lied to Franco in the past, hiding the truth about Kiki from him.

'GH' spoilers: Ava out of control, Joss destroyed

Despite the difficulties, ''General Hospital'' spoilers let it be known that Ava will not give up.

For her, destroying Ryan is a priority and she will do everything she can to achieve her obscure goal. Fans wonder what happened to Ryan and where he is. Most likely, he still has the ability to communicate with someone over the Internet. We don't know who will help Ava. Her possible accomplices are Scott and Peter. ''GH'' spoilers ensure that Ryan's return is near and that Port Charles will tremble when he reappears, more dangerous than ever.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting developments in the Oscar storyline. The boy is in the nursing home, and Joss doesn't know how to handle the pain. Oscar's mother will in the next episodes vent her anger on Cameron who, patiently, will try to give her all his support. As the doctors have announced, Oscar could only save himself with a miracle, and the fans have so little hope. Attention also to Shiloh and his intention to find Kristina. The head of the sect wants to bring the girl back to the DoD and at the same time punish those who betrayed him. Stay tuned and don't miss out on future ''GH'' spoilers.