"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that the woman Nina seems to hate may end up being her true long lost daughter. Early on it was believed that Valentine's wife gave birth to Kiki and Ava raised her but this did not pan out. Viewers know that Sasha is not really the long lost child either. Madeline did tell her son in law that the baby survived, so there is a daughter out there somewhere and spoilers say Willow is the real deal. The drama will soon unfold because of the misconceptions regarding the baby that Brad and Lucas adopted. There is also the issue of Ms.

Tate having a Dawn of Day tattoo and Shiloh possibly being her baby daddy.

Willow is possibly Nina's daughter

The dynamic between Nina and Charlotte's teacher is pretty troubling as the little girl's stepmom argues with and disrespects Ms. Tate every chance she gets. Valentine does not reign his wife in but he is always nice to Willow. The irony of her being the long lost daughter is simply uncanny. The tell-tale sign would be if Willow suddenly pulled out the other half of the locket that Nina has. This would be proof positive and shock all of Port Charles. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Willow Tate will soon be revealed as the baby that Madeline took from her comatose daughter. This will cause problems with Valentine as well as Shasha whom Nina has come to love.

There is also the issue of the school teacher's Dawn of Day tattoo and the connection with Shiloh. The spoiler teases that Ms. Tate's life may soon be in danger and Nina may have to save her from the cult leader.

Shiloh may be Willow's baby daddy

CDL suggests that Shiloh is Willow's baby daddy and may be in search of his "wife" and child.

Although Kristina is in the Dawn of Day group, she does not have a tattoo like Daisy and Ms. Tate. Spoilers suggest that this may be a way to brand women as wives of the cult leader. When the truth is revealed, that the school teacher's baby died, and Wiley is really Jonah, there will be a lot of fallout and Nina's daughter may need comfort from her newly found mother.

In the meantime, Soap Dirt says that Shiloh is going to turn on Sam, so this may be a possible distraction. At any rate, the baby switch has to come to light and the truth about the Dawn of Day leader will be revealed as well. "General Hospital" fans hold on to your seats because it looks like several Port Charles residents are going on a pretty bumpy ride. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this intriguing storyline and continue watching your favorite daytime drama weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.