The identity of Nina's daughter has perplexed "General Hospital" fans for months. First, there was a theory that Madeline gave her grandchild to Ava to raise, and Kiki was the one. When she was murdered, that possibility was null and void. Margo Dawson was the next candidate but spoilers pointed out that she was too old. Valentine then brought in Sasha and viewers correctly suspected she was a fake. When friction began to arise between Charlotte's teacher and her stepmom, fans decided that Willow Tate must be the child Nina gave birth to. If Shiloh presents Ms.

Tate with the other half of the locket that Madeline left her daughter, viewers will know she is the real deal.

Beware of Shiloh bearing gifts

At the end of Monday's "General Hospital" episode, Shiloh showed up in Willow's classroom as she was talking to Chase. When the detective told the guru he would arrest him for trespassing, his response was that he had something he wanted to return to the school teacher. Shiloh most likely has in his possession the locket half that indicates she is Nina's daughter. This is the moment that viewers have been waiting for and comes at a pivotal time in Port Charles.

Willow bears the Dawn of Day tattoo and has admitted to Michael and Chase that she broke free of the cult.

She thought she had left Shiloh and her past are behind and was horrified to find him in Port Charles. She was so terrified that she thought about leaving town but later changed her mind. Now her former mentor is taunting her with a relic from her past. He is probably trying to intimidate her and is not bearing this gift from the goodness of his heart.

Nina and Willow hate each other

Shiloh demands that the women he brings into his inner circle must share a secret, and Willow possibly told him the story of her adoption. She may have shown him the locket and he asked her to trust him and allow him to keep it. Chase is not aware of any of this and he will do all he can to keep his sweetie safe from the cult leader.

If indeed the necklace is what the creepy DoD founder has in his possession, it will be proof positive that Nina's daughter has been found. This will be explosive because Charlotte's mother and her teacher cannot stand each other. Valentin and his wife recently went so far as to try to get Ms Tate fired.

A reveal of the necklace does not indicate an immediate reunion for mother and daughter, because nothing is mentioned about that in "General Hospital" spoilers. Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Willow will warn Michael if something dark and sinister's going on in Dawn of Day, and tell him his sister Kristin is in grave danger. Soap Dirt suggests Krissy may even be drugged. Stay tuned to find out if Michael can rescue his sister in time, and if Nina gets evidence that Willow is the child she gave birth to.