Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless' indicate that Michael Mealor believes there is potential for both "Kola" and "Skyle." In an interview with Soap Opera Spy, the actor who portrays Kyle Abbott indicates that the love triangle may go on for quite a while. When Mal Young was the head writer for the show he sent Summer Newman in a direction of making constant bad decisions. One of her worst was sleeping with Billy while he was dating her mother. Kyle became disgusted and walked into the arms of Lola. Now that Josh Griffith has taken over the helm it's possible that this storyline could go in any direction.

Kyle, Lola, Summer in an impossible situation

Michael Mealor told Soap Opera Spy that he did not know which woman his character would choose, but he knew the end is not yet in sight for the drama of the love triangle. Mealor suggested that Kyle might be in love with both Summer and Lola which could make the decision regarding which woman to choose very difficult. On the one hand, Jack's son has made a sacrifice by offering to marry Ms. Newman to ensure she will donate part of her liver to Ms. Rosales. He also made the first move on their wedding night which led to the couple consummating their relationship. It’s very obvious that He is attracted to both women.

This is an impossible situation which will certainly get worse before it gets better.

Soap Dirt reveals that this week Kyle will tell Lola that he is married to Summer, and why. There is no doubt that Lola will be hurt and angry, especially when she finds out the two slept together. Viewers should keep in mind that although Nick's daughter can be every bit as scheming as her mother Phyllis, she is not at fault this time.

Kyle suggested the wedding and he initiated their first time being intimate as husband and wife.

Lola hurt by Kyle and Summer

On Friday Arturo stopped Abby from questioning Summer as to whether or not she is Lola's organ donor. He said that he did not want anything to rock the boat and keep his sister from recovering. Soap Dirt says that Kyle will tell Lola this week that he married Summer to save her life. This is going to hurt and if spoilers are correct in suggesting that the new Mrs.

Abbott is pregnant, it may destroy any chance of "Kola" getting back together.

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Michael Mealor mentioned the history between Kyle and Summer and teased that deep down these two could be soulmates. In the meantime, she may be facing a dangerous situation. Spoilers say Lola will come through the surgery with flying colors but Kyle's new bride will have complications. Be on the lookout for "Y&R" spoilers to update this storyline and find out how it all plays out.