On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Kyle and Summer tied the knot. This duo is about to rock Genoa City to the core with the drama they are about to cause, as well as endure. Viewers need a scorecard to keep up with all the dysfunction that has come at them from the Abbott and Newman families, and now they are about to add their own to the mix. Kyle loves Lola, and Summer loves Kyle yet the couple is now joined in a bond of marriage. Their wacky dynamic is causing heads to spin as family and friends try to figure out what is going on.

In the midst of all the mess, these two may surprise everyone and emerge as a power couple like Victor and Nikki.

Kyle and Summer stun Genoa city

Summer and Kyle attempting to hook up has been stunning their loved ones for various reasons over the years. They began as teenage sweethearts but before they could consummate their relationship a bombshell was thrown their way. A DNA test revealed that the duo shared the same father, Jack Abbott. They broke up and went their separate ways, only to find out that the genetic testing was rigged and they were not related after all. Both left Genoa City only to later return and sparks began to fly between them.

Kyle declared his love, only for Summer to laugh it off and give him details of how she was going to seduce his uncle Billy, who at the time was dating her mother.

On a dare, the two were about to make love, but young Mr. Abbott pretended to fall asleep. He did not want to become intimate with Ms. Newman when her heart was elsewhere. This was during a time when Ashley tricked Jack into thinking John Abbott was not his biological father and he considered the possibility that he shared a dad with Victor.

Viewers were on the edge of their seats because if this were true, then Kyle and Summer shared a grandfather and had they made love it would have been disastrous. Thankfully, it was not.

Summer and Kyle have promise

Billy ignored his almost-stepdaughter's advances until he found out that Phyllis and Nick slept together. He then hooked up with Summer who immediately told Kyle, who later decided to move on with Lola.

Summer then realized she loved him after all and has continued to pursue him even though he made it clear he was not interested. When Lola was attacked and Dr. Nate said she needed a kidney transplant, Summer was tested and is a match. Kyle promised to marry her if she would donate her organ to save the woman he loves, and on Friday they said their vows.

While Lola was waking from her coma and wondering where her boyfriend was, Kyle and Summer were in bed making love. He says his heart is with Ms. Rosales, but he gave his body to someone else. Summer's new husband has promised to be by her side during the operation and there is no doubt he will do just that. The question is, now that his wife has given him the one thing Lola would not will his feelings change?

She slept with his uncle and broke his heart, then married him while he is in love with someone else. Welcome to the wacky "Y&R" world of Summer and Kyle which might get a bit crazier if they conceived a child on their wedding night.