Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that quite a few ladies in Genoa City will find themselves discouraged this week. Kerry continues to act secretive, and Phyllis will be suspicious. Dina will begin missing Ashley and wondering when her daughter will return from Paris. Arturo will tell Abby that he slept with Mia which will cause the Newman heiress to consider taking matters into her own hands, literally. On the bright side, Summer does come out of her coma, but she is uncertain of her husband's love. Kyle will give Lola the details surrounding her liver transplant, hoping she will understand but s.

Rosales will be devastated.

Lola and Abby heartbroken

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Opera Spy both say that Kyle will break Lola's heart by telling her he married Summer. He will say he did whatever he had to do, including sleeping with his new wife, to ensure Ms. Rosales would get her liver. Later, Mrs. Kyle /Abbott wakes from her coma and finds her husband sitting by her side. It looks like "Skyle" dodged a bullet and won't have to tell their family why they really got married.

Arturo knows that Mia is a wild card and will soon reveal their secret tryst. He decides to beat her to the punch and tell his fiancee himself. Spoilers as well as a Monday preview, indicate that Abby will be so distraught that she heads towards Mia's car holding a hammer.

The Newman heiress as well as Lola, are both heartbroken because both their men cheated and broke their trust.

Dina, Kerry, Summer cause problems

Spoilers say that Dina and Traci will be on hand again Monday and Dame Mergeron will be pretty confused; She will be desperately seeking Ashely, wondering why her daughter is not around, Traci will try to console her mother by saying that her sister is working in Paris.

Meanwhile, Phyllis will become suspicious of Kerry who is making secretive phone calls.

Earlier spoilers suggested that Summer's life would be in danger and Kyle would have to tell her family that she was Lola's organ donor. CDL now indicates that Nate will announce that the new bride is awake, and it's a good thing she is. Both her parents and grandparents are at the Abbott cabin dealing with J.T. Helstrom so by the time that situation is over and done Summer may be back home. Be sure to continue watching "Y&R" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM. It looks like the new head writer is getting the focus back on core characters once again.