On Monday's episode (March 11) of "The Young and the Restless," Dr. Nate had great news when he announced to the Rosales brothers that a kidney donor had been found for Lola. Kyle showed up, pretending to be in the dark about the matter, but he slipped up and referred to the donor as "she." When he announced that he is engaged to Summer, Rey and Arturo hit the roof, but the detective's skills kicked in and he believes the unknown benefactor is Ms. Newman. Jack was floored when Phyllis broke the news to him about the wedding. He questions the timing, as well as his son's feelings for both women in his life.

Kyle and Summer are the talk of the town

Phyllis barged into the Abbott mansion, expressing her exuberance about the upcoming nuptials. She did not realize that Kyle had not told his father and spoke about how the couple has been on and off since high school. She defended the relationship to her stunned ex-husband and said she believes the love between their children is real. Jack was shocked, but a little more realistic about the situation. He emphasized the deep love his son recently expressed for Lola and does not believe Kyle's feelings have changed so quickly.

Billy chimed in with his surprise about the marriage and Phyllis asked if he believes her daughter should not experience happiness.

He replied that he understood that feelings can change quickly, then attacked his ex for rolling over on the rest of the cover-up crew. Phyllis defended her actions and said she will stand by Summer and her decision to marry Kyle. Once she left, Jack told his sibling that he will launch the Jack of Heart's fragrance, as soon as Ms.

Summers has been ousted from Jabot. Billy questioned Kerry's loyalty.

Rey suspects Summer is Lola's donor

At the hospital, Dr. Nate told the Rosales brothers than an anonymous donor has agreed to save their sister's life. Kyle announced immediately afterward, that he and Summer are engaged. Arturo became angry and vented at his sister's former beau.

Rey simply looked on without saying much and the wheels in his head seem to be turning. He later told his sibling that he wonders if Ms. Newman is Lola's anonymous donor. Meanwhile, Summer told her fiancee that she wants to get married before the surgery. so she can wake up after the ordeal is over and see her husband by her side.

Kyle agreed, adding that he will do whatever it takes to save Lola's life. Ironically, as his dad and uncle were discussing the day's events, and clearly distracted by Phyllis and her daughter, Kerry showed her true colors. She sent a text to an unknown person, saying that everything is going as planned. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET, to find out what happens next.