The Ball family is in Florida before Christmas as Melo has a game in Florida. Meanwhile back at home, Lonzo and Denise celebrate Zoey's first Christmas.

Sunshine state

As Melo is at the prep school, SPIRE Academy, which travels the nation playing games. Excluding Lonzo, the whole Ball family including J-Ray went to Florida to watch Melo play and they also had a pop-up shop for Big Baller Brand. What was unique about this specific pop-up shop was that the grandparents were the ones signing the autographs and not LaVar and his sons. The pop-up shop turned out well and SPIRE won the game 95-84.

Since they were in Florida, Gelo and J-Ray went to a gulfarium which consisted of animals that don't live underwater as well as animals that do live underwater. Gelo joked that he was excited to see J-Ray in his natural habitat at the gulfarium. While there, J-Ray held an alligator and tried to get Gelo to kiss it. Also, a penguin bit Gelo and almost bit J-Ray.

To spread Christmas cheer, the Ball family went to a soup kitchen to help the unfortunate. The Ball family felt great to be helping people in need as they said that giving is better than receiving.

First Christmas

Back at home in Los Angeles, Lonzo and Denise are pulling out all the stops for Zoey's first Christmas. Denise went Christmas tree shopping with her sister and found a Christmas tree quickly and with ease.

Back at Zo's apartment, they were seen opening presents with Zoey getting a toy and Lonzo getting a mug that says "Baby Daddy" from Denise. DMO also got a present from LaVar which he got a BBB ugly Christmas sweater.

Next episode

Normally, there's a new episode every Sunday, but this time, Ball in the Family will be taking a four-week hiatus with the new episode coming on April 14.

There are 12 episodes left this season and they showed a preview of what's to come in the next 12 episodes. The Ball family moved into their house in Ohio where they're struggling with the cold as LaVar has a hard time blowing the snow off his driveway and Tina is very cold inside the house. Gelo's girlfriend Jaden is coming to Ohio to meet Gelo's family and Melo talks about college with his teammates.

His coach Jermaine Jackson says that he's getting calls about Melo from top NCAA schools but they're all worried about his eligibility as he played professional basketball in two different leagues. Also, Zo is injured and SPIRE is playing bad. To ease the pain of not having an episode for the next four weeks, the Ball family is doing a question and answer video that starts next week.