Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Doug Davidson is back in action and his first scenes will be on March 25. A tweet from the actor shows him with his castmates who portray Rey and Mia. The caption has the soap veteran saying that he is glad to be back and meeting, new friends. Only a few months ago Eric Braeden was up in arms about the Rosales family taking screen time away from Genoa City residents who have been around for decades. The man who portrays Victor Newman had an online battle going with Jordi Vilasuso who portrays Rey.

Now that Paul will be reclaiming his police chief chair, viewers get to see if his warm emotions carry over to the characters and the two men can coexist at the GCPD,

Doug Davidson has no ill will towards Jordi Vilasuso

During the time that Eric Braeden was ranting on social media about the "newbies" in Genoa City, Doug Davidson remained a standup guy and never let the situation turn into personal attacks. Even when Jordi Vilasuso fired back at Braeden saying he was only doing his job, the man who portrays Victor let the world know Davidson's firing was very personal to him. Now, however, Paul will soon return and his portrayer seems to hold no ill will.

Paul was no longer being seen on "Y&R" at the same time that Rey and his family came to town.

It has been a tumultuous year for fans who missed the 40-year veteran and struggled to understand why the Rosales family was given more air time than veteran actors. Soap Dirt indicates that off-screen Doug Davidson is reaching out to embrace the newest members of Genoa City but this is no indication of where the storylines are headed.

Paul and Rey will be connected

Spoilers don't indicate what the storyline will be when Paul returns but viewers know he will be involved in bringing J.T. to justice. He and Rey will naturally be connected but. Detective Rosales is currently involved with other storylines. Soap Hub reveals that Summer may hold off on the transplant because Kyle wants to delay their wedding, This may affect Rey's ability to focus on his job and wen police chief Willaims finds out that his detective has been covering for Mia, it may even cost him his job.

Many viewers are wondering if the Rosales family will be written out now that "Y&R" has a new head writer. If so, then the goodwill that Doug Davidson is showing his castmate will be short-lived. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to give update s when possible because things are about to become very interesting in Genoa City.