Netflix has released multiple new original series this weekend, and one that stands above the rest is "The Order." The first season is now available to stream. Refinery29 reports that "The Order" brings fans into the world of dark magic and werewolves. Jack Morton is awarded a scholarship to the secretive Belgrave University and its secret society. Jack Morton attempts to get revenge for his mother's death. This leads him to the secret society known as The Order. This leads him to uncover some dark family secrets.

The 10-episode series stars Sarah Grey, Jake Manley, Max Martini, and Sam Trammell.

This is the perfect show for those who tuned into shows like "The Vampire Diaries" and "Teen Wolf." The series has similar elements to show, but is a more mature show, but has elements that draw in the fans of witches and werewolves. The show sets itself apart by its mix of humor and drama.

Jack hoping to uncover the truth at Belgrave University

Netflix's latest original series debuted this past week. The Mortons, are hoping that secretive society The Order will open doors for Jack. If you manage to get into The Order, you meet a cadre of magicians and the premiere's cold opens announce that it's easy to forget Jack has no idea what he's getting into.

The majority of that changes for Jack before the finish of the principal scene, "Hell Week, Part One," when he observes a gathering of Order pledges breaking the rules and playing around with magic.

Meanwhile, Jack continues to investigate the mysterious supernatural activity on the campus of Belgrave, as well as the debut appearance of a deadly werewolf.

Werewolves are the driving force of "The Order"

The expansion of werewolves is the thing that gives "The Order" its focus and an approach to isolate itself from Netflix' series "Sabrina" which as of now has a gathering of questionable, best-case scenario witches, its lead likely shouldn't trust.

Here, Belgrave's other mystery request, the Knights Of Saint Christopher, are a gathering of werewolves pledged to battle dull enchantment. The Blue Rose's fueled maneuvers continue setting off the Knight's wolf-y detects, so it appears these witches aren't on a par, so they need Jack and his witch peer guide, love-interest Alyssa (Sarah Gray) to accept. Fans are now waiting to see what will happen in season two, as well as when the next season will air. This series is definitely worth binge-watching.