''Game of Thrones'' has some of the final season's coordinates already put in place as the latest official trailer cleared some of the fog away. The show's final season will premiere April 14 as the upcoming seven episodes will wrap the series' run.

The latest ''Game of Thrones'' trailer also indicated where one of the hot seats might be located as Winterfell, House Stark's abode and the convergence point for Westeros' united forces, will be the first line of defense against the Night Night and its unholy troops. The video also serves up a chilly atmosphere which enhances the show's dramatic features.

'Game of Thrones' biggest mysteries

According to Glamour.com, the Night King's identity has been one of the show's greatest mystery, and fans are looking to the upcoming season hoping to get to the bottom of this puzzle.

Another hard line of the narrative is the current relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. As the previous season revealed, Jon Snow may have a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, even though he's not aware of the fact yet.

Speaking about Jon Snow, his life has already been given a second run after that resurrection act put together by Melisandre (also known as the Red Woman) from Season 6. Let's see if that fact may become relevant once again.

Placed in a faux-medieval environment, ''Game of Thrones'' is a global phenomenon.

Perhaps that's why the show's endgame would be the most interesting part. Millions of curious eyes are eager to see how the final pieces would fold in their slots.

At this point, it's impossible to anticipate the shape of the outro. Who will survive? Who will die? Who will reign over Westeros? These are hard questions that must have been spinning everyone's mind lately.

'The Battle of Winterfell'

''Game of Thrones'' has made a habit out from injecting significant doses of epicness into the narrative. The show's latest trailer doesn't necessarily show that all the aspects presented here are suggesting a massive visual feast.

The Night King's army has its own merits in terms of eye-catching scenes.

Let's remember that ice-spitting dragon tearing down huge chunks of the Wall. You couldn't have hoped for a much more oxymoronic scene than that.

On the other side, the livings may not possess any magical tricks, but their fighting for their own survival which is a great incentive on any given day.

The big day of the decisive battle seems to be around the corner. Fighting for its own survival is the ultimate goal, even though some's rotten obsession with power threatens to cancel any chances the living might have.