There is always a market for biographies by Celebrities. When the author happens to be none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama, such a Book will always be in demand. That is what prompted Penguin Random House to secure the contract for “Becoming.” The book is the biography of a woman who came from humble beginnings and went on to occupy a place of honor in the White House as First Lady. It released in 31 languages simultaneously in mid-November last year and has set a record with the sale of books going beyond the 10m mark. It can claim to be “the most successful memoir in modern publishing history.”

The Guardian reports that after leaving the White House, the Obamas have been busy.

They struck a deal for penning their memoirs with a reputable publishing house and Michelle already has hers published. The Obamas have also made a deal with Netflix to produce TV series and films. Barack Obama was the US President for two terms and has plenty to share with his fans who will now be waiting for his memoir. He was an international leader and will have plenty of topics to write about.

Michelle Obama and her book tours

In order to promote her book, Michelle Obama undertook global tours. That helped her reach out to her readers and interact with them at a personal level.

One of her first such tours abroad was in December to the Royal Festival Hall in London. The event's tickets sold out in minutes. She will return on April 14 to the same city and the venue will be at The O2. This has a capacity of 20,000 and usually hosts concerts by global pop stars. She has also toured other countries in Europe apart from the US and Canada.

Becoming” is undoubtedly a modern-day bestseller, but will have to wait to compete with the lifetime performance of "The Diary of Anne Frank." The Guardian says it was a book published the 1950s and is estimated to have sold more than three times more copies compared to Michelle’s book.

What the book is about

According to BBC, Penguin Random House published Michelle Obama's memoir “Becoming.” It is on its way to make history as “the most popular autobiography to date.” The book narrates her personal experiences at different stages in her life and covers her childhood days, her work, her motherhood, bringing up the children and the time she spent in The White House. The book has a universal appeal because it depicts life as she saw it from close quarters, including experiencing a miscarriage and going in for in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive her children.