Farrah Abraham, 27, grew from a “Teen Mom” to an adult on MTV. She penned books, launched businesses, and worked in the adult entertainment industry. She even travels the world with her daughter Sophia.

Daughter forgetting mother went to college leads to ‘breakdown’

With everything documented in media about Farrah, and despite all that she shares with Sophia, the mom of one disclosed on March 19 during her YouTube vlog that she “lost it” and had a “breakdown,” feeling hurt when her daughter, 10, “forgot” that she graduated college, Starcasm reported.

She stated that Sophia “totally forgot that I went to college.”

Forgetting of her mom’s academic achievement happened while the mother-daughter duo was auditioning or participating in a business meeting about a television project, according to Floor8. How delightful that Farrah’s vlog has attracted nearly 150,000 subscribers with the potential to hear her say that Sophia “kind of lied.”

Reality star mom ‘has no shame’

Farrah “has no shame,” Floor8 noted. Despite publicly shaming her daughter, the reality star acknowledged that she wishes “Sophia all the best.” Huh? Her statement made an impression but not a positive one. Within the comments section of Starcasm’s report, remarked, “Um isn't Sophia living with you and relying on you to you know, raise her for another 8 years?”

Another reader using the online handle “twelfthnight” noted, “Like, like, like....

Is it really hard to see how [Sophia] doesn't 'remember' you having an education because you talk like a 16-year-old? And you ‘wish Sophia the best’? Are you breaking up with her?” The statement about Sophia also did not sit well with Christina Downes, who wrote, “She's 10, not 18, and you're not sending her off into the world without you.”

An apology did not derail Farrah’s focus

That Sophia reportedly apologized for not remembering everything about her mother, evidently was not sufficient for Farrah, who made the incident the focus of her vlog.

The aspects that apparently goaded Farrah into detailing her daughter’s memory lapse? The former “Teen Mom” said Sophia “was not understanding, and not paying tribute, or being grateful,” Starcasm noted.

Many social media followers have speculated on Farrah’s Instagram account scenarios about what might happen when Sophia is older.

There is no need for guesswork. Sophia has already made it clear that there are facets of her life she does not want to be presented for public consumption.

Sophia says mom tells lies on social media

When duo streamed live on Instagram at the end of February, Sophia set the record straight after her mother said that she (Sophia) was “called out” during her acting class for coming across as if she was shy. Sophia was not having any part of the assessment. She told viewers that her mother likes “to lie on social media,” iHeart Radio reported on March 4.

Sophia unleashed a torrent of opinion, noting that her mom also gossips about the 10-year-old “on Live all the time,” iHeart also relayed. Her comments sure gave the impression that some boundaries between public and private life are long overdue. Sophia also pointed out that her mother “likes” embarrassing her.

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