"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Shiloh seems to have the upper hand in Port Charles currently. He is reigning supreme at the moment, but his reign of terror will surely come to an end. Sam will make a decision where she abandons Jason to side with the cult leader, as Kristina gets deeper into the Dawn of Day inner circle. She may reveal secrets that put her and her family in jeopardy. Sonny will not be certain what he should do to help his daughter and Alexis will turn to Jordan for help. Willow is frightened out of her mind that her baby daddy has located her and Chase has no idea how to help the school teacher.

Kristina causes problems for Sam, Sonny, Jason

Soap Dirt says that Kristina's connection to Dawn of Day will lead to a lot of problems for those who love her. Shiloh will have Jason arrested, and Sam must pretend she is on the side of the cult leader. In the meantime, Krissy will have to share a damaging secret in order to get into the special leader's group of the cult. Spoilers don't say what she will reveal, but it will probably somehow come back to bite her family.

Both Sonny and Alexis will desire to help their daughter, but while Ms. Davis seeks assistance from the GCPD, the mob boss may take matters into his own hands. Jason is troubled and not sure how to proceed because he is concerned about both of Alexis's daughters.

On Friday he saw the cult leader talking to Danny and Monday previews show him telling Shiloh to stay away from his son. Celeb Dirty Laundry says Jason will attack the Dawn of Day leader and this is probably what lands him in jail.

Willow holds the key to Shiloh's true motives

Spoilers suggest that Willow may be one of Shiloh's sister wives and have confirmed that he is the father of the child she gave birth to.

She has information that would probably shut down Dawn of Day but may be too frightened to tell Chase what he needs to know. Eventually, she will come clean, but for now, she is scared out of her wits. In one form or another Sam, Kristina, and Ms. Tate are all under the guru's spell.

Shiloh is used to having control and will give Sonny and Jason a different type of fight than they are used to.

Along with Chase, however, they will do all they can to protect the women they care about. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this intriguing storyline as new information becomes available. Continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC, at 2:00 PM EST.