"General Hospital" spoilers say that Maura West is unhappy with the way the Ryan Chamberlain story ended. She believes her character deserves closure, and wants the serial killer to return so Ava can kill him. Several spoilers have teased that Kevin's brother may show up again, but nothing definite has been confirmed. West says there needs to be justice and, as Ms. Jerome was hurt the most without losing her life, she should be the one to put an end to Dr. Chamberlain, once and for all. Julian had hinted, last week, at taking matters into his own hands but Alexis talked him out of it.

His sister, on the other hand, believes she has nothing left to lose.

Maura West demands justice in Port Charles

There are two women in Port Charles who viewers truly love to hate because they get away with all their crimes. One is Liesl Obrecht, who Soap Dirt says will be back in the swing of things this week causing problems for Valentine. The other is the character currently portrayed by Maura West. When viewers assumed that Ryan Chamberlain would renew his obsession with Felicia, the writers instead had him fall for Ava who was a kindred spirit.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the actress who portrays Julian's sister did an interview with Soap Opera Digest where she shared her disappointment at the way the Ryan Chamberlain storyline seems to have ended.

Some spoilers suggest that Ava may have killed Dr. Chamberlain when she found out he murdered her daughter. Instead, he went over a bridge and his body has not yet been recovered. There has been no true closure for Kiki's mom and that is why Maura West is demanding justice.

Ava may kill Ryan after all

Maura West may get her wish as the writers may have been setting up a Ryan comeback all along.

The fact that his body has not been found, and that everyone is constantly mistaking Kevin for his evil twin, is keeping this storyline going. Viewers also want this chapter in Port Charles history put to bed, so something needs to happen soon. What better way to finalize this situation than to have Ava kill her former fiancee in self-defense.

That way she gets away with murder again.

Earlier CDL spoilers suggested that Ms. Jerome and Kevin may find solace in each other, but that would have her looking at the face of her daughter's killer. Celeb Dirty Laundry has promised to give updates when available so be on the lookout for spoilers alerts. Keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons to find out if we have seen the last of Ryan or if Ava gets her revenge. The ABC daytime drama airs at 2:00 PM EST.