Friday”s episode of General Hospital left viewers with several life-changing cliffhangers. Dante walked out on his family to become deprogrammed from the brainwashing. Pete and Maxie are about to give Nina the DNA results related to Sasha and it does not look good. Should the truth of Valentin's deception come to light it will be the end of his marriage. Liesl Obrecht is slithering around like a snake seeking whomever she can sink her fangs into and enjoy the misery of others. Sonny, Olivia, and everyone else will be shocked at Detective Falconeri's abrupt departure.

His partner, Detective Chase did not even get to see him while he was in town. A number of Port Charles residents will soon have their lives turned upside down.

Obrecht and Maxie may destroy Nina and Valentin

A few weeks ago, Peter and Maxie gave Brad DNA samples to test as Valentin watched. It was implied but never stated, that Mr. Cassadine might tamper with the results so his wife would not find out about his deception. On Friday, Nina and her husband looked stunned when Peter and Maxie said they had results of a DNA test. They were not shown reading the results on camera, but all indications are that it proves Sasha's a fake.

Obrecht had warned Valentin earlier that his deception was about to be revealed.

She was gleeful like the cat who swallowed the canary. When the truth comes out Nina will be devastated but her aunt will feel triumphant that she bested her enemy "Heir Cassadine." Maxie said she felt guilty about not telling Dante and Lulu right away that she miscarried their baby. She believes helping her sister-in-law will make up for her past mistake.

Dante devastates Lulu

Anna convinced Dante that he must go to a WSB facility to be deprogrammed from the brainwashing. When he told Lulu, she was heartbroken. She asked what she was supposed to tell Sonny and Olivia. Detective Falconeri said to share with his family that he is gone to fix what is broken. He admonished his wife to get on with her life, but she said she would wait for him forever.

He walked out the door and their final "I love you" to each other was a tearjerker.

It would be unfair for Lulu to be left hanging while her husband is gone for an extended period of time. This way, however, "General Hospital" leaves the door open for Dante to return at a later date. The role could always be recast but nothing has been said along those lines. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 200 PM EST to find out what happens next in Port Charles.