Wednesday on "General Hospital" the residents of Port Charles were reeling from the news that Ryan Chamberlain was impersonating his twin, Kevin. Upon hearing this news, Jason tried to get info from Julian, but it was Kim who told him what he needed to know. Stone Cold decided to head to Canada and Laura convinced him to allow her to tag along. Curtis gave Jordan devastating news about her health, while in Niagara Falls, Oscar frightened Joslyn by having a severe seizure. Ava made a decision that might be costly for both herself and Carly and put both their lives at risk, while Cameron is now in the crosshairs of the demented Dr.


Jason and Laura will save the day

Jason demanded that Julian tell him where he could find Ava but did not disclose that she was with Ryan and not Kevin. His attitude caused the former mob boss to remain mum, but Kim blurted out that Charlie's sister had gone to Niagara Falls to marry her fiancee. Laura caught up to Jason and convinced him that Sonny would approve if he took her along, so off they went. Spoiler alerts have already revealed that these two will watch Ryan go over a bridge, seemingly to his death but viewers know there will be much action before that happens.

Meanwhile, in Niagara Falls, Ava was looking for a missing pair of shoes and decided to check "Kevin's" vehicle.

If Ryan does not stop her, she will open the car trunk and be shocked to find Carly duct taped and unconscious inside. The evil twin came out of the shower and when he did not see his lady love went looking for her. He was surprised when he ran into Cameron walking outside the same motel. This will probably spell big trouble for Elizabeth's son before the final showdown.

Oscar's kidney may save Jordan's life

Finn revealed to Curtis that Jordan had one kidney removed due to her injuries when Drew's car ran her down. He added that her remaining organ is not functioning properly and the police commissioner needs a transplant. Curtis relayed this information to his wife who had her mind set on getting to the GCPD and spearheading the search for Ryan.

She eventually calmed down and appeared to listen to reason about her condition.

Simultaneously Oscar was having a severe seizure in the motel room where he and Joss spent the night. It's not a stretch to consider that should he die his kidney may be used to save Jordan's life. Be sure to watch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. The end is near for Ryan's reign of terror and the action is getting very exciting.