Released a couple of days ago, the new episode of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" has catapulted us, once again, into another epic battle for the animated promotional series. Meanwhile, the clash seems to have moved into Universe 11. After a first look at the clash between Jiren and Kanba, the element that stands out the most is the incredible strength shown by Jiren while pouncing on another popular enemy known to us, Zamasu.

Last episode

According to ComicBook, Episode 9 of the promotional anime series reveals a destroyed Universe 11 as Jiren alone is fighting against members of the new Core Area villainous group.

In the previous episode, the tension reached incredible limits thanks to the clash with the evil Saiyan. It was an epic battle between Zamasu and Jiren. The latter flies to Jiren, starting a no holds barred fight. The punches fired by both opponents are dodged or diverted with skillful mastery. The arrogance of Zamasu is highlighted once again with a short phrase "Do not dare to touch a god with your dirty hands." The two challengers are separated by Trunks temporarily, but the attempt to stop the fight does not seem to be successful as the two start fighting again.

Not even the arrival of Goku, after a long absence, seems to put an end to all this. After a few moments of amazement, Zamasu pounces on Goku.

The conflict now sees three challengers, but to know how it will end, all that remains is to wait for the release of episode 10.

Return of Ultra Instinct

The Ultra Instinct is back in "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," but only for a few minutes. In the final stages of Episode 9, one can see a brief clash between Goku and Oren Vegeta.

Oren attacks the protagonist, who avoids all his shots and responds with a punch that puts his opponent out, but the discharge of energy also kills Kamen. The effort made by Goku to beat the two Tsufuru was very low, making the opponents understand again the power levels of the Ultra Instinct. It's a great return for Ultra Instinct in the series especially after the Mastered version appeared a few episodes prior, reports CpmicBook.

The Ultra Instinct is a form that appeared in the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 115, where Goku used it to fight against the powerful Kefla, a fusion of Caulifla and Kale. In the anime "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" this technique appeared some episodes ago. However, with the new energy, obtained by Goku, fans are already wondering if there will be a further evolution.