Earlier spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" teased that Taylor was trying to set up Thomas with Hope so Steffy could reclaim Liam. Now another parent is attempting to play matchmaker for her adult child. Quinn is going to find that she adores Flo and consider her a good catch for her son. Wyatt and Sally's relationship will hit a hurdle when Ridge attempts to persuade Ms. Spectra to stay at Forrester Fashions. If she walks out on the deal Dollar Bill gave her because of his son, Quinn may see it as a betrayal and attempt to get even.

This may put Sally in a love triangle with Thomas and Hope, with Wyatt and Flo on the other side of the fence.

Ridge and Eric tempt Sally to leave Spencer

Soap Dirt says that when Sally tells Eric and Ridge about the offer from Bill, they will give her a counter-offer they hope she will not refuse. Ms. Spectra will talk it over with Wyatt who will certainly be angry that she wants to leave Spencer. Wyatt went out on a limb for the woman he loves and if she chooses to stay with the Forresters, Celeb Dirty Laundry teases this may set up yet another love triangle.

CDL says Quinn will absolutely fall in love with Flo and should Sally walk away from the deal she made with Wyatt and his dad, viewers may see the old scheming Quinn resurface. Should Sally take the offer from Ridge and Eric, she would be working in proximity of her former beau Thomas.

The two may try to reignite the flame they once had but will deal with Taylor trying to push Hope on her son to get a mom for little Douglas.

Flo, Wyatt, Sally, Thomas, Hope in love triangles

Thomas admitted last week that he and Caroline were only together for the sake of their son. This could mean that he never stopped loving Sally who moved on with Wyatt.

Likewise, Flo had a past with Quinn's son and they may also have unresolved feelings. Throw Hope and her bond with Douglas into the mix, and there are three possible love triangles. Along with the manipulations of Taylor and Quinn and this situation becomes quite messy.

Wyatt is caught between three women who care about him and probably have no clue as to what direction he is headed.

Spoilers give no indication of what decision Sally will make so viewers will have to stay tuned. Whatever Ms. Spectra decides will certainly change the course of her life in LA. Be on the lookout for updated alerts and continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.