The news of Caroline's untimely death has shocked the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and the unexpected situations will just keep on coming. On Tuesday, after the memorial service, Thomas confided something to his parents that rocked them both to the core. He told them that he and the mother of his son were living together in New York as co-parents but were not involved romantically. Now Ridge and Taylor are spending time together to try to ease the grief of their son but they will soon be a little too close for comfort.

Spoiler alerts tease that Brooke will walk in on the ex-spouses kissing,

Thomas and Caroline lived a farce

Thomas broke up with Sally in order to give Douglas the family unit he believed his son deserved. It was assumed by everyone that he and Caroline were in a romantic relationship, but it seems it was only a farce. Now that the truth is out it changes the entire dynamic of what may happen next. If Ridge and Brooke's son was not in love with Caroline, he may still have feelings for Sally who is currently involved with Wyatt. When the dust settles Thomas may decide he wants the fiery redhead back in his life.

In the meantime, Hope is bonding with Douglas and the wheels in Taylor's head are turning.

She told Ridge on Tuesday that their grandson needed a mother and Hope needed a child. Soap Dirt says Taylor is thinking that she can push Hope off on her son which will leave the door open for Steffy to get Liam back. Should Brooke figure this out she will be livid, but it will be minor compared to what her rival does next.

Brooke, Ridge, Taylor yet again

Soap Dirt reveals that Taylor has an agenda to put Thomas and Hope together, while Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that she is also trying to get Ridge back. Ms. Hayes blames Brooke for both herself and her daughter being unlucky in love and now she is going to do something about it. She and the father of her children have been quite chummy since they found out that the mother of their grandson died of a blood clot.

Spoilers say this week Taylor is going to kiss her ex-husband and Brooke will see that he also kisses her back.

Not too long ago, Brooke forgave Ridge for kissing Quinn and later on he accepted her apology for locking lips with Dollar Bill Spencer. When his wife walks in on him in an embrace with her sworn enemy she probably will not be able to easily forgive his indiscretion with Taylor. The history between the two women is decades old and it looks like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is resurrecting the love triangle again, so stay tuned.