On Friday's episode (February 1), of "The Young and the Restless," things were pretty tense for the Newmans, who were looking for their missing granddaughter. The family was later stunned to hear Katie's voice coming from behind a wall panel inside their home. Spoilers say that when they get her out, Victor will make an even more troubling discovery. He will find that there is surveillance equipment and realize someone has been spying on his house. Victor will suspect that J.T. is alive and targeting his loved ones. Billy will balk at such a suggestion, but it is only because he is out of the loop.

Victoria, Nick, and Nikki, however, realize their patriarch may have a point.

J.T. may be behind Katie's kidnapping

Little Katie has been talking to an unseen friend for several days, and on Friday, went missing, while Nikki was taking a nap. At the end of the episode, her loved ones could hear her voice coming from inside the wall. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that when the Newman patriarch retrieves his granddaughter, he will get more than he bargained for, and find hidden surveillance equipment. He will put the pieces together of all that has happened recently and suggest that it is J.T. who is causing all the mischief.

The Newman stables caught fire, and when police investigated, they found a shirt with J.T.'s blood on it.

Nikki found the clothing Mr. Helstrom was wearing the night the cover-up crew disposed of his body. Soon after that, the poker Nikki used to hit her former son-in-law was laying near her fireplace. For the past week, "Y&R" viewers have been able to see that someone is watching every move that is going on in Victor's household and that Katie has been talking to an unseen individual.

The surveillance equipment may solve mystery

The cover-up crew has been breaking up for quite a while and Phyllis even suggested that she and Sharon form an alliance and leave the two Newman women out of it. Soap Dirt says that this week, Sharon is going to choose which side she will be on, but does not reveal if Vicki and Nikki clue her in on recent developments.

Victoria said on Friday that Katie would never talk to strangers, which lets us know that she recognized and trusted her abductor. Earlier spoilers suggested that Adam Newman might be alive but he was never that close to Billy's daughter. Everything points to J.T. living and breathing in Genoa City, so be on the lookout for updated spoilers. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET.