Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that Port Charles will be filled with intrigue as the walls begin closing in on Ryan from every side. Lulu knows something as off about Franco's interview, and ill begin to have flashes of memory from the night she was stabbed. Drew tells Liz her fiance lied about their childhood and the duo believes he as sending them a message. Dr. Chamberlain will become enraged when he can't make Franco admit he was lying when he confessed to the recent murders. The drama is supposed to take place on Thursday's episode but may be delayed because of the court proceedings that were telecast on Wednesday.

Lulu, Drew, and Liz smell a rat

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that several Port Charles residents are having a hard time believing the interview that Franco gave confessing to the murders. Lulu especially keeps saying that something was off. The spoiler says that she will begin to have flashes from the night she as attacked and fans are eagerly awaiting her ah-ha moment when she realizes that Ryan is the real killer.

Drew and Elizabeth will also smell a rat and go over the transcript of the live interview. Drew will point out that Franco was lying about trying to kill him when they were children because, in reality, young Bobby Frank saved Andre Cane's life. He will convince Liz that her fiancee may have been trying to send them a message and the duo will attempt to figure it all out.

Franco gets the upper hand over Ryan

Soap Dirt indicates that Ryan's love for Ava will blindside him and this may be why Franco ends up with the upper hand, CDL says that when Dr. Chamberlain cannot make Elizabeth's husband take back his confession of the recent killings, he will stab him. At that point, Franco will accuse "Kevin" of being the serial killer.

The evil twin will reply "Guess again." Somehow Liz Weber's bleeding spouse will end up locking Ryan in the room at Ferncliff, and he will try to make his way back to his wife.

Can Franco find his wife and Drew before he passes out from bleeding, and will Lulu's memories soon come back to her with clarity? Is this the end for Dr.

Evil and what about Laura and Kevin locked in the Ferncliff basement? Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 P.M. EST. Don't forget that Wednesday's program was preempted so the rest of the week's episodes may be 'delayed.