Roswell, New Mexico” is based on the books by Melinda Metz which is also spawned the TV series from 1999 starring Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, and Katherine Heigl. The new series begins with Liz Ortecho's return to Roswell for the anniversary of her sister's death. She quickly discovers the UFO crash was real and her old crush, Max Evans and his siblings are aliens, each with their own otherworldly abilities. When she learns her sister Rosa was murdered ten years ago and the likely culprit is an alien, she begins to distrust Max and works to put the pieces together from Rosa's final days.

Throughout the first few episodes of "Roswell, New Mexico," it's revealed Max, Michael, and Isobel know more about what happened to Rosa than what they're admitting. Several twists in her investigation lead Liz toward various suspects, throw her into a bigger conspiracy, and uncover a shocking connection between her ex-boyfriend Kyle's father and her sister. Last episode "Don't Speak" reveals the truth behind Rosa's connection to the sheriff as Kyle discovers the several secrets his father kept while Liz gets Grant Green to confess to what he really saw the night Rosa died.

The end of the episode finds Liz putting together an important clue about Max, Michael, and Isobel's secret from that night, as a tape showing Rosa and the two other girls who died floating in the desert leads Liz to confront Max about Isobel's involvement.

The series stars Jeanine Mason, Nathan Dean Parsons, Lily Cowles, Michael Vlamis, Tyler Blackburn, Michael Trevino, Heather Hemmens, Karan Oberoi, and Trevor St. John.

Flashback episode reveals secrets

After a short hiatus, “Roswell, New Mexico” returns February 26 with a flashback episode which teases answers about the last day Rosa was alive.

The promo for the episode “Smells Like Teen Spirit” shows Max asking Liz if she remembers what they were like before Rosa's death as she confronts him about what happened the day she lost her sister. The promo also teases a few snippets of the past which feature a young Max telling young Michael he wants to ask Liz out, Max and Michael in a cave as Michael says "what did you do," and ends with Michael using his telekinesis to float the three girls out of the cave and into the desert.

The synopsis released by the CW teases secrets not just about Rosa's last day, but about the mysterious blackouts Isobel (Lily Cowles) has which is a major focus in "Don't Speak," and about Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn)'s relationship. The teaser photos reveal a few shots of Isobel with her brothers at a prom and what seems to be a confrontation between Kyle and Alex, with Michael appearing to intervene.

Liz takes matters into her own hands

Liz makes a devastating discovery in “I Saw The Sign." In the episode, Liz takes it upon herself to keep her and the others safe. Though her plans are pushed aside after spending quality time with Maria (Heather Hemmens), Alex, and their friend Mimi (guest starring Sherri Saum).

Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) goes after Wyatt (Dylan McTee) who recently attacked Liz and set fire to Grant Green's alien storage.

Fans will also get to see Cameron's (guest starring Riley Voelkel) decision about Sergeant Manes' offer for her to give him information about what she's uncovered about the blackout. Last seen, Cameron notices a connection between the blackout and Max through a mark he left behind. The CW reveals through a few teaser photos for the episode, a melancholy Liz and Maria, what seems to be an intense conversation between Max and Michael, and Isobel having a conversation with Michael. The episode airs March 5.

The episode “Barely Breathing” airs on March 12. In the press release by the CW, "Barely Breathing" finds Isobel's life in danger with Liz (Jeanine Mason)and Michael (Michael Vlamis) teaming up to save her.

Elsewhere, Max turns to his mom (guest starring Claudia Black) for information about the alien symbol while Alex (Tyler Blackburn) turns things around on his dad. The episode is directed by Paul Wesley from “The Vampire Diaries” who is also set to direct an episode of “Legacies” and possibly an upcoming episode of “Shadowhunters.”

Not much has been teased about the later half of the season, though Executive Producer Julie Plec teases in an interview with Collider about the "Roswell, New Mexico" finale, which she directs. The EP teases the season will end with a cliffhanger that is meant to draw people back for another season and the episode will also deliver on each of the relationships.