Scott Stapp has been a musical force to be reckoned with for more than 20 years, and the lyricist and singer is moving full speed ahead into new music for 2019. The frontman and lyricist who brought the unmistakable sound of his baritone and words of hope, resolve, and overcoming to accompany pounding riffs of Creed songs from the mid-’90s into the millennium, continues to be a living testament to the power of faith, courage, and the human spirit.

The all-encompassing passion and power that pulsates through every stage performance from Scott Stapp have continued through his solo career.

His 2005 Initial solo debut, “The Great Divide” went multiplatinum, and exhibited his songwriting dimensions from hard-hitting metal to hopeful and reflective ballads. “Proof of Life” solidified Stapp’s success as a solo artist further in 2013, yielding his first Number 1 solo hit, “Slow Suicide,” which echoed its themes of accountability and responsibility for change through its haunting overdubs.

Billboard and numerous other music outlets broke the news on February 21 that Scott Stapp has signed with Napalm Records, and, accompanying the official word was a tantalizing look at the musician at work in the studio. In less than half a minute, fans felt the energy, meticulous crafting, and depth of soul which sets Scott Stapp's music apart in heavy metal.

He is an artist who consistently uses his trials in life as the fuel for creating triumph from tragedy, and his unvarnished honesty through those journeys brings genuine hope to his audience of millions.

A noteworthy stable of artists

Having an artist of Grammy-winning caliber and the built-in fan base of Scott Stapp is assuredly a plum for Napalm Records, a label which has drawn other beloved, top-tier bands under its banner.

The Austrian-rooted record label was founded in 1992 and proudly proclaims “Austrian Empire” under the “Rock/Metal” coat of arms on its website. Smashing Pumpkins is another of its premier bands, along with John Garcia and Dee Snider. The label also provides exclusive marketing of merchandise, such as vinyl and box sets, so Stapp fans can likely look forward to some special treats when new music is released, expected later this year.

Thomas Caser, Napalm Records CEO, shares the excitement of longtime fans, relating that from their “first conversation” with the singer-songwriter, they were “thrilled” with the prospect of creative collaboration, noting that the “excitement has only deepened” has the partnership has developed. Caser credits Scott Stapp as “a true professional,” beyond the force of nature that fans feel from the stage. He anticipates that “rock fans will be blown away by his evolution.”

Constant gratitude

Scott Stapp now makes Tennessee home, with his wife, Jaclyn, and their children, Milan, Daniel, and one-year-old Anthony, his dad's namesake. Scott’s older son, Jagger, lives on his own. The family has consistently been the first priority for the couple, who have continued to “pay forward” the outreaches of help and purpose that they have gained through struggle.

They are advocates for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and each has a charitable foundation.

Scott Stapp paid tribute to another Tennessee neighbor, Dolly Parton, as the MusiCares Person of the Year at this year's Grammy celebration. He saluted Parton as an ambassador for “positivity and feminism” and praised her as an inspiration in music, acting, and business savvy. Scott Stapp's personal connection with MusiCares was evident and palpable, as he expressed gratitude for the assistance and education of the organization through his ordeal with addiction and bipolar depression, diagnosed after a 2014 spiral. “I have my beautiful wife and my family,” Stapp confirmed with a loving gaze. His almost 5 years of sobriety is an illustration of his and his family’s courage and commitment, and also of the education and treatment through MusiCares, which provided the support and assurance that recovery was possible.

Scott dedicates himself to a twelve-step program and meets regularly with a sponsor, declaring “Nothing is more important than my sobriety.”

Family is also featured in the brief video of Scott in the studio. The kids are seen singing a couple of times, under dad's direction with a children's chorus. His new label promises that Scott Stapp’s new music and return to the stage will be “stronger than ever” and multitudes of fans will be singing along with the kids.