Spoiler alerts have now confirmed what a number of CBS daytime drama viewers have been hoping for. A casting call has gone out from "The Young and the Restless" and sources say it is for a male actor to portray Victor Newman's second son. For more than two years, since Justin Hartley left the role of Adam, rumors and spoilers have in abundance proclaimed he would come back to Genoa City. Now it seems that the beloved character is finally slated to be coming back to his family. If indeed Nick's half brother is returning it would bring more questions than answers for fans as well as those who have been affected by his death.

Adam's return is confirmed

Soap Hub reports that a trusted set insider has confirmed that "Y&R" is looking for an actor to portray Adam. This may disappoint viewers who enjoyed Justin Hartley's portrayal of the beloved character. Fans who simply want to see Victor's son back in Genoa City will be elated by the news of a casting call. The spoiler does not give any details on when an official announcement will be made or how Adam will fit into the current storyline.

Soaps She Knows indicates that the drama surrounding the J.T. mystery will intensify once Nikki confesses to killing her former son in law. All of Genoa City will be in shock and when Adam returns he will find himself in the middle of all the controversy.

Victor's son coming back will also bring up more questions than it does in giving answers, as he may have had a hand in the current events that the Newmans are dealing with.

Adam's role in J.T's disappearance

Earlier spoilers suggested that Adam may be working with a not so dead J.T. to gaslight the Newman family. These men had never been particularly close but stranger things have happened.

It has also been speculated that Mr. Helstrom is indeed in the great beyond, and Victor's son is the one terrorizing his family. This theory does not make sense as the Newman patriarch was attempting to help his son flee Genoa City prior to the cabin exploding. There does not seem to be any motive for Adam to target his father and stepmother.

"The Young and the Restless" will also have to explain where Adam has been for over two years which brings up the question of Chelsea. Did she know her husband was alive and leave town with Conner to meet him? If so, where has she been all this time and why would she sit back and allow her spouse to play mind games with the Newmans? Will Melissa Claire Egan return to Genoa City and will Christian be allowed to remain with his uncle Nick? Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update information on Adam's return and keep watching "Y&R" weekday afternoons on CS at 12:30 PM EST.