On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victor and his children were all dealing with volatile situations. Abby had argued with Mia, who continues to be petty and hit below the belt. Ms. Newman stood her ground, but Mia was not put off. Katie was rescued from the panel in the wall of her grandparents home. When asked about her secret friend, the child drew her dad a picture. Billy was shocked to see that the image was of J.T. Helstrom, but the rest of the Newman clan was not surprised. Nikki cannot believe her former son-in-law could have survived the blow to the head, but the circumstantial evidence suggests he did.

Hurricane Mia is no match for Abby

Abby met Arturo's sister-in-law for drinks and smiled as she waited for Mia to finish going on and on about her marriage. Mia implied that Abby was insecure about her relationship with Arturo, and Abby set her straight. Ms. Newman said she was more than a pampered princess and was not going to let Ms. Rosales' jealousy get to her.

Abby remained civil as she spoke, but viewers could see she was smoldering on the inside. Mia kept the smirk on her face, which indicates that she is not through meddling in her brother-in-law's business. Ever since she blew into Genoa City like a hurricane, this woman has done nothing but keep the drama going with her husband, his sibling, and everyone close to them.

She has met a worthy opponent in Abby Newman, who will give as good as she gets. A "Y&R" star was also found dead in his home.

Katie confirms J.T. is alive

Billy pulled his daughter out of the panels in the Newman home and the child said she had been with a friend. When asked to draw an image, Katie stunned her father, because the picture looked just like J.T.

Billy was stunned because he has no idea of the secret the Newmans are keeping. Victor and Nick inspected the space where Katie had been and found surveillance equipment, which convinced them that J.T. Helstrom is behind what has been going on. They know he is tech savvy, but had no explanation for how he was sneaking around their home unseen.

Nikki assured Victor that J.T. could not have survived the blow to the head from the poker and said that she checked his pulse. Even so, there is no other explanation. Billy and Victoria talked and admitted the scare with Katie has brought them closer but agreed to just be friends. Later, Sharon told Nick that Christine confided in Rey that the evidence against Victor is flimsy. Be sure to watch "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS, at 12:30 PM ET, even after the Bell family sold the rights to the show.