"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" gets a new installment of the movie franchise, Hallmark announced on Twitter on Saturday night (February 9, 2019). The fan-favorite show will come to Hallmark Drama and POstals (SSD fans), expressed how jubilant they feel on social media. In fact, a petition started last year still records people signing up to it, even though the announcement's already been made.

Signed petition may have helped get the show delivered

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" ("SSD") fans started a petition in December last year that still gets signatories calling for the renewal of the popular Hallmark series.

Back then, Deseret News reported that Fotoula Boustris, of the POstals fan group, explained why the petition started. “I started this petition because I saw the need from all the fans wanting answers from Hallmark for a renewal,” she said. Additionally, she noted that she wanted "to show Hallmark and the executives the amount of viewers that love and appreciate this wonderful show.”

Actually, the "Signed Sealed Delivered" show never really ended up canceled, but the concern arose as no new renewal announcements came forth. In fact, last summer, the “To the Altar” premiere kept fans engaged. At the time, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries gave out no new plans. Now, it looks to return to Hallmark Drama, rather than Mysteries, which upset a few POstals.

POstals so happy for 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'

The news that "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" makes a continuation came out of the blue and POstals wasted no time expressing their feelings. Delighted, here's what some of them had to say about it:

  • @kgvm: "This is simply fantastic news! #SignedSealedDelivered is my favorite original series. Thank you @billabbottHC @MichelleVicary There are #POstables celebrating around the world!"
  • @ruthhill74: "Now that's what I call outstanding news! #SignedSealedDelivered on @HallmarkDrama Love that channel!"
  • @feebs1907: "Thank you @billabbottHC @MichelleVicary for hearing the #POstables and bringing back one of the best ensembles on HM in @MarthaMoonWater @RealCrystalLowe @geoffgustafson @kristintbooth @Eric_Mabius. I’m over the moon and so grateful for this announcement."

Hallmark's 'SSD' backstory

The Hallmark series premiered on October 12, 2013, and the last episode arrived on July 15, 2018.

In fact, it revolves around a group of postal workers who do some detective work to find people who never received postage items. Incidentally, when they head off to do the mail run, the outcomes could make a difference to many people. Actually, this story of family values means they can help to change the future of people, solve crimes and even save lives.

Luckily, the excellent series is paired with writer Martha Williamson.

What do you think about "SSD" getting a new installment of the movie franchise on Hallmark Drama? Are you a jubilant Postal? Do you think the petition made the difference?

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