"When Calls the Heart" fans really couldn't wait for season 6 to arrive. Actually, many fans said they would never watch after the terribly sad ending of season 5 when Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) died. However, at first glance, it seems that there may be a return to some fun which is refreshing. That first showed up when Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton (Erin Krakow) managed to lose baby Jack (the Taylor twins). Plus, a light moment came when the telephone never rang.

WCTH needed some refreshing and more fun moments

This article contains spoilers so you should note that this might be a good time to stop reading if you missed Season 6 Episode 1.

"WCTH" really needed some refreshing and light moments, and they definitely feel good. The season brings us no Jack Thornton, but fortunately, it seems Elizabeth is moving beyond the terrible grief of losing her husband, Mountie Jack Thorton.

Hearties, as "When Calls the Heart" fans are known, went through heartbreak and pain, and they don't want that for themselves, or Elizabeth for a good while to come. The introduction only briefly revisited the prior season, and we got to see Jack kiss his bride, but the premiere moved on quite fast from that, which was almost a relief.

Elizabeth searches for baby Jack in 'When 'Calls the Heart'

It sounds a terrible thing to say that Elizabeth lost her baby Jack, and really, it sounds more tragic than it was.

The opening of the premiere shows Elizabeth besotted with her baby boy. The ladies all rally around to help her with babysitting, as she returns to the classroom. However, she's totally reluctant to hand him over to anyone, and when Florence comes to babysit, she has to tear herself away.

After school, on her return home, Elizabeth finds no Florence and no baby, but there is a note for her saying that Jack's with Clara.

Off Elizabeth goes to Clara, who doesn't have the baby either. Clara says that Molly has him. Wow, Elizabeth is looking a bit fed up, and off she runs to discover Jack's safely in his pram with Molly where the celebration of the first telephone call is about to take place. It's a light moment, as the Hearties could tell the scene's set on how everyone pulls together to make this very much a community-loved baby.

The telephone that never rang

On the telephone that never rang, it was, of course, a big event, with the newfangled instrument coming to town. The little brass band was all ready and started off trumpeting and what-not. The townsfolk all gathered around and the countdown to the first incoming call began.

At 4:00 PM exactly, the non-event happened. No phone call came in. Well, Ned tried to wire it all together in the telegraph room, and he really didn't know what he was doing. If it was a bit of a bring-down, well, the kids had fun playing with fishing wire and tins with their pretend phones, which got a laugh out Abigail, (Lori Loughlin) when Cody called her up.

Anyhow, the telephone people sent someone to fix the problem and Elizabeth searched for and found baby Jack, and no harm was done.

So yes, there were a few fun and light moments, which bodes well for the rest of the season.

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