Denise Richards is the newest cast member of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Beginning Friday she will be taping a second television program. The actress will be doing scenes for the CBS soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" where she will be in a contract role portraying Shawna. This new character will be the mother of Flo who assisted Dr. Buckingham in selling Hope's baby to Steffy. No details have been given regarding Shawna's agenda but what is known is that she will lend support to her daughter, who is dealing with guilt about the baby switch.

She will also have her own personal issues,

Denise Richards comes to 'B&B

Daytime Confidential reports that Denise Richards has decided to join the cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Her first scenes will air in April and her character Shawna will more than likely be on hand to defend her daughter's actions regarding the baby switch. Reese will probably be long gone by then and Zoe and Flo will be dealing with mixed emotions regarding Phoebe who is really baby Beth.

Flo is staying in Dr. Buckingham's apartment and has no visible means of income. Eventually, the money she got from Reese is going to run out. With Zoe breathing down her back about the babies being switched it's a wonder she did not leave LA.

Now that Shawna is headed to town, it's obvious the "B&B" writers have something more planned for this character.

Shawna and Flo may have an agenda

Not much is known about Flo except that she has a connection to Reese, and felt obligated to assist him in selling Hope's baby to Steffy, She is now experiencing a lot of guilt and remorse because Zoe got her to admit the truth.

Fans will be curious to find out what type of dynamic this mother and daughter have and why they both will be staying in LA. Since Denise Richards will be on contract, Shawna might be on hand for a while but this does not necessarily indicate the character will receive a lot of screen time.

Ingo Rademacher was on contract as Thorne Forrester and during the past year, he was never seen as much as his TV brother Ridge.

It was recently announced that Ingo did not renew his contract and is headed back to "General Hospital" to reprise his role as Jasper Jax. Wayne Brady who portrays Dr. Reese has wrapped up his stint on "The Bold and the Beautiful" so it will be interesting to see how his accomplice Flo and her mother will fit into the storyline without him along with the Forrester and Logan families.