On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Laura and her husband were still locked in the basement at Ferncliff as Ryan moved forward with his plans to marry Ava. Lulu still believed Franco attacked her but is beginning to have doubts. Spoiler alerts, however, indicate a shift is coming where Kevin and his wife escape their makeshift prison, and Lulu realizes that Franco did not try to kill her. Unfortunately, between now and then there will be many obstacles in the way, but viewers will soon see everything fall into place and the end of the chaos that Port Charles residents have been dealing with for far too long.

Lulu Remembers that Ryan attacked her

On Friday, Lulu and Curtis both said that something is off about Franco’s confession. Neither one knows of the deal that was made with Jordan to catch the real killer. Soap Dirt points out that Lulu’s memories will eventually return and suggest when they do her life may be in grave danger. The spoiler says that if she recalls the truth before Ryan is caught, the serial killer may decide once again to add her to the list of his victim’s. It’s also possible that Mrs. Falconeri will not figure out what really happened until after Kevin's evil twin is brought to justice.

Soap Hub spoiler alerts have also suggested that viewers may soon witness another breakout from Ferncliff.

It's probably not a coincidence that Franco's room is directly above the basement where Laura and Kevin are being held. The "General Hospital" writers have probably set it up this way on purpose, and the trio may end up working together in order to escape the facility for the criminally insane. Perhaps they will get to Lulu just as she remembers who were true attacker is.

Laura and Kevin escape Ferncliff

Carly broke out of Ferncliff the first time, by overpowering Mary Pat and then again with the help of Jason. Laura only has her blind husband who probably will be a hindrance and slow her down. Franco assisted Carly and Jason during the second escape so he will more than likely help Mr. and Mrs. Collins as well.

If spoilers are correct "GH" viewers are in for some edge of your seat, don't miss television.

Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to give day ahead previews of what is coming next in Port Charles. Lulu, Laura, and Kevin are closer than ever to taking Ryan down so stay tuned. Continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.