Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that Wednesday's episode will be must-see TV with all the action taking place at Ferncliff and Charle's Pub. Ryan will become frantic after receiving a call about his twin and take off to the mental institution. He has probably been thrown off guard because Lulu did not die, and will make some mistakes. Willow will be overwhelmed after seeing Wiley and both she and Brad will receive a warning from Mr. Jerome. Oscar will be overjoyed that his parents are spending time together and Joss is going to believe that it was all her doing.

Ryan will slip up

Soap Dirt says that Ryan Chamberlain is going to slip up and this may lead to his undoing. After stabbing Lulu the serial killer temporarily lost his sight. Anna and Robert were seeking answers and their question upset Ryan to the point that Finn asked them to stop. He tried unsuccessfully to kill Lulu in her hospital bed and then received the call from Ferncliff. Soap Hub says the demented doctor will race off to the facility for the criminally insane to find out what Kevin has been up to.

Soap Dirt indicates that Wednesday's events will set the stage for February's sweeps and suggests that Ryan may set up Franco to take the fall for his crimes. With Jordan and Curtis closing in, Lulu trying to regain her memory, and Kevin causing problems at Ferncliff it looks like Dr.

Chamberlain's murder spree may be coming to a close.

Charle's Pub is where the action will be on Wednesday

Soap Hub indicates that Charlie's Pub is where a lot of action on "General Hospital" will take place on Wednesday. Oscar and Josslyn will be talking and he will share that he is happy that his parents are spending time together.

The spoiler says that Joss will have a knowing look as she remembers telling Julian to set Kim free to be with Drew so their son can have his dying wish. Meanwhile, Willow will be hanging around and get another chance to hold Wiley who she mistakenly believes to be her son.

Spoilers say Julian will have to reign the teacher in by reminding her that she should keep her end of the bargain as he has.

Julian is also going to tell Brad to stay away from Willow but will not say why. Neither the proprietor of Charle's Pub nor the school teacher has any idea that her baby died and was switched with Nelle's child. Soap Hub says Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" will be filled with edge-of-your-seat drama so be sure to tune in.