"Boruto, Chapter 32" is all set to release in February. The upcoming episode is one of the most anticipated parts of the anime as it will show some intense battles. When it comes to this anime, it is easy to get lost in all its releases. The series may have a pretty predictable anime schedule, but things are not so clear with its manga. However, it seems that chapter 32 to release on February 25. According to ComicBook, the previous chapter, for the most part of it, "Boruto" manga chapter 31 was filled with the fight between Naruto and Delta which was to be expected since the fight had been hyped for almost a month (since the release of chapter 30 in which delta entered the hidden leaf village).

Previous chapter

Chapter 31 of "Boruto" came out at the end of the last month, and fans think that it was one of the best chapters in the manga, action wise. The story took a very dark turn when Kara decided to show up. In this chapter, fans were able to see Naruto Uzumaki fight against Delta, who is surprisingly strong. Meanwhile, in the upcoming chapter, the story will be very interesting because information from the Kara Organization finally began to unfold, especially its members, most of whom were users of scientific ninja weapons. And according to Ukyo Kodachi (Author), the Sci-Fi aspect will be the main aspect in Boruto.

Naruto vs Delta

In the upcoming chapter of "Boruto," fans will see the result of Naruto vs Delta as things start to escalate quickly.

Delta seems really strong but I really think Naruto should end the fight soon. The only way Delta continue to give Naruto a tough time is if she keeps the battle inside the Hidden Leaf Village to stop him from using his very destructive powers because he doesn’t want to harm everyone around him. Naruto will have to be aware of Delta’s absorbing power.

On the other hand, Kashin Koji is on the move, Kawaki's life is in danger and Naruto is still playing with Delta. If Koji is entering the battle, then fans might definitely see his true identity after his appearance. Kashin Koji himself is a big mystery that is bugging the fans from day 1 as Delta is hiding a lot of secrets herself.

From "Boruto Manga, Chapter 32" we might see a set of chapters with action. For now, fans can only hope that “Boruto” Chapter 32 really will release on the date that it should since events are getting quite exciting. It would be interesting to see who win the fight between Naruto and Delta. Stay tuned for more news and updates on anime.