The new chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" has allowed us to take a look at Moro's skills. The prisoner escaped from the prisons of the Galactic Patrol on the tracks which Goku and Vegeta were placed. According to ComicBook, the villain even possesses telepathic powers, as demonstrated in the last pages of the manga by Toyotaro. It's worth noting that Goku and Vegeta joined the Galactic Patrol and will only be able to return to Earth once they capture Moro.

Moro, an ultimate villain

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 43 ended with Son Goku crushed by the evil aura of Moro after having looked for his Ki around the Galaxy with the technique of Teleportation.

Frightened by that presence, Kakaroth then stated that the sensation felt was of thousands of souls gripped by pain.

Later, we learned that the same Moro realized he was traced. While on a spaceship led by a former Freezer army soldier temporarily allied with the sorcerer, the villain claims to have warned that someone had been searching for his aura. Toyotaro has allowed us to know more about the power of the anti-enemy of the ancient Great Kaioshin, a sort of telepathy that allows him to understand when someone scans the cosmos to receive his Ki. It is an ability that the Z Warriors, as well as their opponents, have always been able to show off with ease, but this time it proved to be a real disadvantage.

Meanwhile, both the protagonists and the escaped prisoner have arrived on Neo Namek and are preparing for a fight without the exclusion of blows.

Moro's assistant

Little was known of Moro's plans, but now it has become known that he is in search of the dragon spheres of the planet New Namek. But how did it get there? Recall that before "Dragon Ball Super" the location of the planet was hidden to avoid a catastrophe like that caused by Frieza.

Raspberry, a deserter from Frieza's army, who was also captured by the Galactic Patrol, is revealed to be Moro's assistant. The character appeared for the first time when Goku learned to release the Super Saiyan. Many fans thought that he was dead after being attacked by a giant crab, but he survived and found his way to have a desire for the Namek dragon spheres.

"Dragon Ball Super" brings the action after many years to the planet that suffered the death of a large part of its population. According to ComicBook, Raspberry and Moro now have one goal in mind after breaking out of jail and going on the run: using Moro's extraordinary sensory powers to locate the hidden location of New Namek.