At Jump Festa 2019, chapter 929 of "One piece" allowed the participants of the Japanese kermesse (and subsequently, fans all over the world) to admire a character created by sensei Eiichiro Oda. The image from "One Piece" has introduced a bizarre thief that swordsman Roronoa Zoro comes across during his wanderings in Wano. Thanks to the translations made by @SPManga1, I learned that Zoro will tell his new friend to be silent and then laugh about it. The thief considers the swordsman a heartbreaker.

The return of Reverie

Jump Festa has me in full fever and while the 2019 edition has yet to be fully explained, I am trying to provide some new information.

Well, during the panel dedicated to the work with the protagonists of our Pirates of Straw Hat, I learned some new information.

Magazine cover

Among other announcements, for example, the cover of the next "One Piece" magazine has been made official, followed by a periodical entirely dedicated to the saga. As you can see yourself from the SP Manga Twitter post below, the magazine will see Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist, in his most powerful version, the Gear Fourth, on its first page. Below is Yoshihiro Togashi's presentation for Jump Festa 2019 - have a look.

But that's not all.

Oda spoke as well, revealing some important details about what fans should expect from the manga during 2019. The author has confirmed that the work will focus on Wano. The narrative arc still in progress and that sees Luffy clash with the emperor Kaido, with particular attention given to the story of Kozuki Oden, who seems to hold very important secrets.

Also, during the Jump Festival, on the occasion of the panel of "One Piece," the author unveiled several new features for next year.

Meanwhile, according to News Okatukart, "here’s a bit of text from the upcoming "One Piece" Chapter 929, the thief tells Zoro that he is glad that he doesn’t need to worry about food anymore probably because Zoro is strong.

Zoro tells him to shut up for a while." It is also important to note that the final battle between Luffy and Katakuri will be animated by Naotoshi Shida. Luffy and Katakuri are number one in the crew and are the offspring of Empress Big Mom. Shida is also responsible for the work on Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super," where Goku and Jiren had their final confrontation.

I will give you more news and updates when more of the official "One Piece's" upcoming chapter spoilers come out later on this week. Stay tuned for more.