"Dragon Ball Super's" new arc is showing an extremely powerful villain Moro. The newest villain of Dragon Ball Super, Moro is known as the "Devourer of the Planets." He is an ancient wizard who is able to devour the life force of entire planets, but thanks to the efforts of past heroes, he has been trapped by the Galactic Patrol. Although Moro is new to the franchise, he has classic motivations for a Dragon Ball villain, he wants to reunite the Dragon Balls. However, he is interested in the spheres of the New Namekusei.

Moro vs Vegeta

The current manga arc has Goku and Vegeta revisiting Dragon Ball Z's "Namek Saga" in a big way.

According to ComicBook, in the latest chapter of the manga storyline, fans learn that Moro was sprung from prison by another crook, who was a Freeza Force deserter who knew that the Namkeian Dragon Balls are out there. Even after ten million years in a Galactic Patrol prison, Moro is so fast and agile that Vegeta can't even land a blow on him in his base and Super Saiyan forms. The first showdown between the Saiyans and Moro on New Namek is a pretty action-packed event. Vegeta steps up to battle first (naturally), going at Moro head-on.

Moro's wish

The most recent chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" has also unveiled the current objective of Moro. The millennial magician intends to find the Dragon Balls, but what will be his wish?

Fans have learned that Moro knew from a cellmate of the existence of the Dragon Balls on the planet Neo Namek and left with a former soldier of the Freezer army to visit the new homeland of the Namekians, who have been living for many years on a globe hidden from the rest of the universe. At this juncture, it turns out that the former prisoner of the galactic patrol wants to express a certain desire in front of the dragon Polunga and that it does not interest him anything else, to the point that the remaining two desires will give them serenely to his traveling companion.

One wonders, therefore, what a powerful being like Moro might want, as it is pointed out in chapter 44 of "Dragon Ball Super," it is hypothesized that he wants to ask Polunga to totally restore the magical power that was taken from the Big Kaioshin ten million of years ago. One of the prisoners of the even vicious patrollers who can ask the Namek dragon god to eliminate the Galactic Patrol to take revenge on his long imprisonment. Meanwhile, the chapter Chapter 45 of the anime will be released on February 20. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates.