Since Melo is playing at SPIRE academy in Geneva, Ohio and the Lakers are playing the Cavaliers, DMO and Zo see Melo just to catch up. Meanwhile, the situation between Denise and Lonzo receives some clarity and Gelo is in the preliminary steps of deciding what he'll do next.

Paths cross

As Melo, Zo, and DMO are all in Ohio, they decide to meet up for dinner. At dinner, Melo tells DMO and Zo that he's for sure going to college and that he already talked to USC and is talking to Kansas as well.

Lonzo and DMO were asked whether Melo being the most famous athlete in high school sports has changed him and both responded with no as they say he's still the same person and has the same personality.

Trending slowly

Denise met up with her sister for dinner and brought Zoey along with her. She says that at four months, Zoey has got to 15 pounds.

At dinner, her sister Dayna brought up the situation between Denise and Lonzo. Denise says that things are starting to get better. She also said that they both fell out of character once Zoey was born which caused friction between them. She also said that she started fights that were unnecessary which was one of the reasons why the broke up for a bit.

Next steps

As the JBA international tour is over, Gelo is without a team to play basketball on and needs to make a decision on where he's going to play next. One option for Gelo is to enter the G-League which Gelo seems keen on doing but he could also go play overseas which LaVar says a lot of overseas teams are interested in him.

Lonzo and DMO think the best option for Gelo is to go play overseas as if he does badly in the G-League, no NBA team or overseas team would take him. Gelo at first was surprised Lonzo and DMO thought overseas was the better option for him but then realized that he should look at both options more carefully.

Role model

The head coach of SPIRE academy, Jermaine Jackson doesn't just want to develop Melo into the best basketball player he can be but he also wants to develop Melo into being the best person he can be off the court.

To help Melo grow as a person, Jermaine took Melo to a third-grade class where Melo got to meet the kids and hang out with them. It turned out that a lot of the kids played basketball and one kid was shocked to learn that Melo once scored 92 points in a game. One of the kids got to read a book to Melo and the whole class got to take a picture with him.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 12, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Gelo and LaVar are in Ohio and they go check out the house they'll be staying in which turns out to be right next to where Melo is living. It is revealed that the London Lions are interested in signing Gelo to a contract and Gelo is seen talking to the head coach of the London Lions over FaceTime.