Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Victor Newman will be the cause of contention this week between his daughter and one of his former daughter's in law. Phyllis will become so overwhelmed with recent happenings in Genoa City that she will lash out at Victoria, who will get physical with her. Ms. Summers feels that the Newman patriarch has never truly paid for substituting Jack with an imposter, and she wants him to be punished, even if it is for a crime he did not commit. Vicky will not like what she hears and becomes so enraged that she puts her hands on the fiery redhead.

Phyllis taunts Victoria and is slapped

Spoiler alerts from Soap Hub indicate that Phyllis will harass Victoria regarding her father's arrest and their cover-up of J.T.'s murder. Ms. Summers will think it is perfectly fine for the Newman patriarch to take the rap for killing Mr. Helstrom. She even suggested, last week, that perhaps Victor really is guilty. Soap Dirt teases that the situation will intensify and Vicky will become so enraged that she will slap her former sister-in-law.

Viewers realize that there is more to the attitude Phyllis is displaying than the cover-up of J.T.'s murder. Although she left Billy for Nick, Phyllis cannot stand the thought that he would reunite with his ex-wife.

Victoria has decided to put the brakes on any type of reunion, but the fiery redhead does not know that. All she can see is that the chemistry between the former spouses simply cannot be denied.

Victoria will prove she is Victor's daughter

Spoilers indicate that Phyllis will get in her rival's face and scream that Victor is every bit as bad as J.T.

Soap Dirt says that Phyllis is still hurting that her former father-in-law allowed the Jack look alike to share her bed and kept her real husband locked up on an island. Ms. Summers does not feel that the mustache has truly paid for his crime and she wants him to go down for something, even if he is innocent. Victoria will begin to show that she indeed is Victor Newman's daughter by clapping back and giving as good as she gets.

All the pent-up frustration related to kissing Cane and Billy, J.T.'s murder, Nikki's hospitalization, and Reed's hit and run are going to boil over and Victoria will slap Phyllis in the face. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers to keep up with this storyline and be sure not to miss one episode of this daytime drama. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 ET.