The #SaveLucifer and #PickupLucifer campaigns are continuously taking over the Twitter world, thanks to a bunch of fans who are hoping for the renewal of “Lucifer” season 4. However, in spite of their great efforts, the show is yet to be picked up by another network, Express UK noted.

But in Lauren German’s appearance at the Comic-Con in Melbourne this weekend, the 39-year-old star, who plays the role of Detective Chloe Decker, revealed some good news is about to come. Will fans’ cries finally come to fruition?

'Lucifer' good news coming

According to the AU Review, before German started to reveal her good news, she cleared things up first.“Now, I have heard, not to get anyone’s hopes up or anything because I’m certainly am proceeding as if I’m looking for a new job but, I’ve heard that there is a chance a streaming channel could pick us up" She went on about "Lucifer," saying, “We will hear about it by June 16.”

If this happens, German admitted that it would be truly amazing.

But if not, then they all have to move on. Just like everybody else, the “A Walk To Remember” star revealed that she was also utterly surprised that the show wasn’t renewed for a fourth season. However, the series’ set in LA is yet to be taken down. Does this mean that the series will continue?

A new network

Meanwhile, talking about “Luciferseason 4’s cancellation, the show’s lead star, Tom Ellis, gave his thanks to their fans. In light of the cancellation, the series’ fans continuously show their support and even launched a number of campaigns and petitions in the hopes that the show can continue.

In fact, he described the response that they have been receiving as “ridiculously overwhelming.

I just wasn’t ready for this tsunami of love that came with it,” he said, according to Express. The 39-year-old actor also told the publication that he was surprised when he learned that Fox decided to cancel the series, possibly because of its low ratings.

He then insisted that the show’s “viewing figures” never define how large its audience is.

If truth be told, since he started the fantasy police procedural drama and began different press conferences around the world, he learned that it is more "popular” than what it seemed on the network. He also explained that the series’ figures implied that a lot of people are watching their show on different platforms, not just on Fox.

So, he is definitely not surprised that a number of fans are angry.

Fortunately, Ellis also revealed that there are talks happening for a possible relocation of “Lucifer” season 4 to another network. Express quoted him as saying,“All I know is that a conversation has been sparked like this, but an obvious place would be somewhere like that [streaming services].” Could it be one from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? We will soon find out if it happens.