Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Tristan Lake LeBeau's days in Genoa City are numbered. Fans of the teen's character Reed had believed for a romance with Cane and Lily's daughter Mattie and had dubbed the duo "Mead" and Rattie." Now it looks like he will be gone shortly after the storyline regarding his father's murder/disappearance is wrapped up. Nikki confessed to Nick on Monday when she murdered her son in law and spoilers say he will take the blame. It's not known if Reed will go back to school believing his uncle killed his father, or if the truth will be revealed.

Tristan Lake LeBeau leaves Genoa City for now

Soap Dirt and Soaps She Knows both reports that days Tristan Lake LeBeau's days in Genoa City are coming to a close. His character Reed Helstrom will soon be returning to school which indicates that there most likely will be a break in the murder of his father. Spoilers reveal that in order to protect his mother, Nick will tell the police that he murdered his brother in law. Reed may leave town believing that Nick killed J.T. or the truth of what happened may finally be revealed.

It's entirely possible that J.T is alive and did not die the night Nikki struck him with a poker. Someone set the Newman stables on fire and left a shirt with J.T.'s blood on it.

Later Nikki found the clothing, that Reed's dad was wearing the night he was murdered, on her bed. Friday, she and Nick saw the bloody poker near the fireplace. All point to the possibility that Mr. Helstrom is alive and well and in Genoa City seeking revenge.

Reed may return to Genoa City for Mattie

Spoilers don't indicate whether or not Tristan Lake LeBeau is leaving "The Young and the Restless" for good or if we will return.

This leaves the door open for Reed to come back to Genoa City and possibly explore a real relationship with Mattie. Everything depends on the circumstances related to his father at the time that he goes back to school.

Should the entire truth come out, Reed will no doubt be angry with his mother and grandma, but he should remember that Nikki is hiding that he hit her with Charlie's vehicle.

This may take the edge off of any anger he has about being kept in the dark. Should J.T. actually be alive, his son may turn all his frustration on him for abusing Victoria. Spoiler alerts have promised to update this storyline when new information is available, so stay tuned. Keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST, to catch Tristan Lake LeBeau's final scenes.