Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Phyllis is so angry that Victoria slapped her she is going to play dirty in order to get revenge. The fiery redhead already revealed a secret on Friday that stunned most everyone who heard it and broke Reed's heart. She will now tell Vicky that she is a rebound and detail how Billy wanted to reunite with her first. This news will cause Villy a lot of problems and will send Victoria straight into the arms of Cane. Spoilers Mr/ Ashby and Ms. Newman will enjoy several make-out sessions this week that Billy will actually walk in on them kissing.

Phyllis hits Victoria below the belt

On Friday during J.T.'s memorial service, Phyllis told those in attendance that J.T. had been physically abusive to Victoria. Caleb Dirty Laundry reveals that the fiery redhead will continue unleashing her venom on her rival by dropping a bombshell about Billy. Viewers, as well as most people in Genoa City, know that Villy are each other's true love, but nasty Phyllis will manipulate some facts to cause Vicky to doubt the father of her children. This time Ms. Summers will hit Ms. Newman below the belt, and it will really hurt.

Phyllis will reveal to Victoria that Billy wanted her back and she is the one who turned him down. She will emphasize that Vicky is only a rebound.

With everything else going on in her life right now, Vicky will not be thinking straight and will believe that she is being used so Billy can get over Ms. Summers. This is more than likely why "Y&R" spoilers are saying that Victor's daughter will end up in the arms of another man.

Billy catches Victoria making out with Cane

All Victoria has to do is hash this out with the father of her children and make sure they are on the same page.

She knows Phyllis is a schemer and should be suspect of anything the woman says. Vicky, however, decides to make life more complicated and spend time with a married man that she does not even really care for and Billy will catch them in the act.

Soap Dirt says that Victoria and Cane will have several make-out sessions and Billy will witness one of them.

Billy and Cane are bitter rivals, and Mr. Abbot is a close friend of Lily. When he sees what is going on between his stepbrother and the mother of his children he will explode. Villy fans may have to wait a little longer for their favorite couple to reunite,

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