"Mission: Impossible" director Christopher McQuarrie is rumored to be bringing back both Alec Baldwin (Alan Hunley) and Henry Cavill (August Walker) for "Mission: Impossible 7" and "Mission: Impossible 8" through flashbacks. CBR reports the long-running action franchise, known for its insane stunts, is also known for rotating out its characters. McQuarrie has continued the tradition with "Rogue Nation" and "Fallout."

"Fallout" saw the return of Michelle Monaghan and Alec Baldwin. The latest chapter also introduced a handful of new characters both good and bad.

Fans were in awe of Vanessa Kirby's White Widow performance. However, the addition of Henry Cavill really stole the show, as CIA Agent August Walker. Both Baldwin and Walker met their demise in the film, leaving many to believe they would no longer be a part of the franchise moving forward. McQuarrie has guaranteed a franchise future as he is directing two sequels.

McQuarrie is considering bringing back Baldwin and Cavill

The Hollywood Reporter has said that McQuarrie is working at bringing back Cavill and Baldwin for the sequels. The idea is only being considered right now and could change once scripts have been written and reviewed. If they move forward with this idea, the two characters would return in flashbacks.

If the report is true and the pair does return for the sequels, that leaves fans wondering how these two ties into the continued storyline in the sequels. McQuarrie has been working at tying his films into the entire franchise, so he could continue this with his upcoming sequels. We still are left wondering what this means for MI 7 and MI 8.

Flashbacks could be used to show early days of The Apostles and CIA

Both Baldwin and Cavill's characters are closely tied to the CIA, so this could mean their role could be expanding in the future sequels. Hunley served as CIA director, before joining IMF. Walker was the CIA's top agent but later discovered to be John Lark, who was the leader of the Apostles.

McQuarrie could use these flashbacks to show how Lark and the Apostles infiltrated the CIA. We could also learn about Walker's early days in the CIA.

This is all rumors and speculations but based on what McQuarrie has done with the action franchise. All that's been confirmed is that a script is being written, with a possible filming start date later this year and into 2020. It's possible "MI 7" could be released in 2021 and "MI 8" be released in 2022.