Spoiler alerts, for "General Hospital," indicate that a fan favorite will return to the soap in a few days. Lynn Herring will be back in Port Charles this week and viewers know that means some type of trouble will be brewing. Whenever Lucy shows up, fans can count on conflict and trouble being close behind. Ms. Coe will be facilitating something special at the establishment of Julian Jerome which seems to be the current favorite hangout, even for his enemies. There is sure to be plenty of action and perhaps even a reveal related to Ryan switching places with Kevin.

Whatever happens, viewers will enjoy seeing this beloved character on screen once more.

Lucy in Port Charles may spell trouble for Ryan

If there is one person on "General Hospital" who knows Kevin Collins inside and out, it would be his ex,-wife, Lucy. Soaps She Knows says that Ms. Coe will return to Port Charles on Wednesday, to host an event at Charlie' Pub. The spoiler does not indicate that she will run into the man she believes to be her beloved "Doc" and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Kevin will be busy this week trying to romance Ava who becomes very needy.

Even so, it's possible that, at some point, Lucy and Ryan's paths will cross and she will notice that something is off about her former husband.

CDL emphasizes that Dr. Chamberlain will be pretty distracted by Ms. Jerome, so he could slip up and Jordan and Curtis may begin to put the clues together. This would also open a door for Lucy, Laura, Lulu or even Carly to find answers that lead them to realize who the serial killer among them really is in Port Charles.

Lucy spends time with Scott while in Port Charles

Soaps She Knows says that Lynn Herring will reprise her "General Hospital" role on January 3 as a tribute to Susan Brown who passed away in August. Although the spoiler does not mention Ms. Coe running into Ryan, she will definitely be spending time with at least one former spouse, and that is Scott Baldwin.

Spoilers also do not reveal the nature of the event that Lucy will host at Charlie's Pub. Fans know, however, that anytime this woman is in town, they should expect some type of drama.

Ryan will probably show up at Charlie's Pub at some point because he will want to keep up appearances by doing what he believes Ryan would have done. Viewers realize that this storyline must come to an end and that Lucy will most likely play a part, even if unwittingly. Be sure to watch "General Hospital" on Thursday, January 3 to find out how all of this plays out. "GH" airs at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.