On the January 2 episode of "The Young and the Restless," the Newman family dealt with a lot of drama. Victor was officially charged with J.T.'s murder, Abby trashed Mariah for covering the story, and Victoria decided to keep a secret she has with Cane. Charlie began to panic about his role in Nikki's hit-and-run. Cane is torn between hiding the fact that he and Reed's mother kissed and desperately wanting to keep his son out of prison. Victoria leaned on Billy while withholding certain information, and at the end of the episode, the two former spouses found themselves locking lips.

Victoria goes from Cane right into Billy's arms

Victoria and Cane both tried to explain why they locked lips by saying the stress of their current situations is at fault. Both promised to keep the kiss between them and never speak of it again. Later, Charlie tells his dad how neither he nor Reed realized they hit Nikki and how he fears the consequences if Mrs. Newman dies. Cane also promised his son that he and Vicky will do everything he can to prevent their children from going to jail.

Billy showed up, and after Cane left, he told Victoria that her father has been charged with J.T.'s murder. Vicky insisted that her dad is innocent, then she and her former spouse discussed Reed and Charlie's situation.

They also talked about how they were not aware they ran over Nikki. Oops. As the duo was sitting on the couch, Vicky laid her head on Billy's shoulder. She then looked up and planted a kiss on her surprised ex. More drama is sure to follow this segment.

Victor is behind bars for killing J.T.

Abby consoled Kyle after Lola kicked him to the curb.

Then, she saw Mariah announce on G.C. Buzz that Victor has been arrested. Abby went to Mariah and accused her of sensationalizing a false report. She then went to the GCPD, where she convinced Rey to give her a few moments with her dad. Victor assured his daughter that all will be well, and after she left, the Newman patriarch was shown in his prison jumpsuit, inside a cell.

There is still nothing to indicate to viewers if he knows what Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis have been up to.

Victoria is concerned that her mother will confess to J.T.'s murder in order to save Victor. Cane does not want Charlie to pay for what happened to Nikki. Both want to keep the secret of their kiss. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons, to find out what happens next with these Genoa City residents.