Tuesday on "General Hospital" the residents of Port Charles were in shock as they found out that Oscar's experimental treatment did not work. Josslyn was in denial and desperate to seek other measures to help the young man she loves. Kim and Drew were devastated as they shared the news with Alexis and Sam. Carly tried to be supportive to the family, Liz and Franco were sad but understanding and Cameron is completely out of the loop. Young Mr. Nero is not sure how much time he has left but there are a number of people who are willing to be by his side until the end.

Kim and Alexis fight then share grief over Oscar

Alexis showed up at "General Hospital" trying to convince Dr. Nero that she had not gone to bed with Julian. Initially, Kim was angry and lashing out, screaming at her rival for Julian's affections to leave her office. Ms. Davis sensing something was wrong, asked Kim what was going on and found out that Oscar's trial treatment did not work. The women hugged and Alexis promised her support.

Meanwhile, Cameron visited the hospital and expressed his delight that Oscar was done with the trial and headed towards recovery. Later he went to court to face charges for buying marijuana and shared his joy about his friend being in recovery. Alexis, Franco, and Liz all remained silent and did not tell him that Oscar is still going to die.

Port Charles residents deal with Oscar's situation

As Kim made phone calls trying to find alternative treatment for her son, other Port Charles residents were responding to the news about Oscar's impending death. Josslyn gave her man the news and enlisted Carly's help in securing Sonny's private jet. Joss had been scouring the internet seeking a remedy for her boyfriend.

She wants to be able to fly off at a moments notice if a new treatment can be found. Carly later went to see Drew who was talking to Sam about Shiloh being a con artist. Sam was about to leave when her ex-husband asked her to stay.

Drew then explained to his former spouse that Oscar's treatment did not work. Carly then offered Sonny's jet in case Kim and Drew were seeking alternate possibilities.

Oscar's father responded by saying that he would not do anything without his son's consent and will continue to allow the teen to determine how he will live out his last days. Make sure you don't miss the conclusion of this heartbreaking storyline by tuning in to "General Hospital" which airs weekday afternoons on ABC, at 2:00 PM EST.