"General Hospital" spoilers say that Margaux will find that simply doing her job could put her on Ryan's hit list and she may end up as one of his victims. Ms. Dawson might also learn that there is another man in Port Charles who is interested in her. A conversation between the DA and Drew could lead to the conclusion that Shiloh (AKA Hank, AKA David) is the former husband she spoke about. If true, this would add to the intrigue of the real reason Sam's former stepson has decided to come to town. He could be out for revenge on his ex-wife as well as the woman who stole his inheritance.

He may truly have decided to live a life of service and help others, or all three scenarios may be on his agenda.

Margaux may be Shiloh's ex-wife

According to Daytime Soaps Up, DA Dawson dropped clues during a recent conversation with Drew, which leads to the conclusion that she was once married to the man whose life was saved by Andrew Cain. The spoiler points out that Margaux told Drew that her former spouse was named Dave, and he came from a wealthy family. Sam revealed to Jason on Tuesday that David is the birth name of Shiloh, AKA Hank whose father was one of her marks.

On Thursday when Sam confronted her former stepson regarding his past, he said he had changed and only wants to help others now.

Both she and Jason suspect that Shiloh may be targetting her because she married his dad and stole his inheritance. Daytime Soaps Up says that the new guy in Port Charles may indeed want to help the less fortunate but that he also may have an agenda that includes getting revenge on Sam and finding Margeaux.

Ryan may keep Margaux busy

Soap Opera Spy points out that the DA is closing in on the truth regarding the recent murders in Port Charles. Jordan filled her in on pertinent details on Wednesday and Margaux tried to get more facts from Lulu. The spoiler indicates that she could be on Ryan's list but if she is, it will probably be after the mystery surrounding Shiloh has been resolved.

Jason and Sam don't believe it is a coincidence that her sister Kristina and his nephew Oscar are both living in Shiloh's house.

JaSam also doubts that Shiloh just happened to put down roots in Port Charles while looking for Drew. When the DA finally comes in contact with him, she will probably have the same questions and possibly more. Ryan's murder spree will no doubt keep Ms, Dawson busy, whether she ends up on his kill list or not and running into "Dave" will add to her plate. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoilers to find out if indeed Margaux was married to Shiloh. Continue watching your favorite daytime drama weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.